"High Wall" Screen Print Poster


High Wall Screen Print Poster

          -Throw away the hesitation, the adventure that follows is in your hands.-

High Wall Round Shape Screen Poster

Diameter:200mm × 200mm

Color:Blue Canvas / Fluorescence Red

The box is also screen-printed, making it a stylish package that can be displayed as is.

*Serial number and signature on the back of the campus.

*Up to two poster per person may be purchased, and a limited number of 10 poster will be available.


What I want to convey through "High wall" is "the journey of life

The High Wall, which went on sale on April 4, 2021, "Yo-Yo Day," utilizes a large sculpture space to express a "High wall" that reflects the background of the times.

What lies beyond the wall?

The work was designed to stimulate the imagination.

Beyond the wall was a long, long tunnel.

How long will the journey of life continue?

While I was thinking about that, "I came up with" might be the right way to describe it.

A Little Playfulness in Everyday Life.I hope you will continue to enjoy the journey of life with the world of mowl High Wall.



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