High Wall Blue


"The adventure that follows is in your hands."

"The adventure that followed was
"a long, dimly lit cave."
What lies beyond?"

understood only by those who have gone on with their brave hearts.

Put aside your hesitation and take hold of the adventure that follows.

The development of the new High wall was started based on the High Wall's concept of "a model that recognize the original fun of yo-yoing.

Many people have said that they hesitate to throw full metal yo-yos outside, so we have updated the High Wall to make it a yo-yo that people will want to throw outside with ease.

The yo-yo body material was changed from aluminum to PC. It has established a position as a yo-yo that is easier to take out and play than the relatively expensive full-metal yo-yos.

The thicker rim made of PC material increases the spin and durability of the yo-yo, making it strong enough to withstand outdoor play and 5A style.

This model retains the classic feel of the High Wall, while the thick PC rims provide the stability and strong spin.

Now, take HighWall outside.

Find new adventures and discoveries.

It will surely show you a world you never knew .

High Wall (New Version)
Diameter( 61.9 mm
Width: 44 mm
Weight: 65.7 grams

 About Artwork


Seeking a new challenge, we commissioned KALON DESIGN STUDIO to create the artwork for the new "High wall".

She describes the artwork as follows.

What I want to convey through "High wall" is "the journey of life

The High Wall, which went on sale on April 4, 2021, "Yo-Yo Day," utilizes a large sculpture space to express a "High wall" that reflects the background of the times.

What lies beyond the wall?

The work was designed to stimulate the imagination.

Beyond the wall was a long, long tunnel.

How long will the journey of life continue?

While I was thinking about that, "I came up with" might be the right way to describe it.

I hope you will continue to enjoy the journey of life with the world of mowl High Wall.


 About High Wall's Shape


The low-edged yo-yos that are currently mainstream have been aged for about 13 to 14 years and have always been developed for use at the forefront of competition.

At the same time, the number of controllable models aimed at simply enjoying yo-yos has decreased, and in particular, high-wall-shaped bind models have become a minority and have been left behind in the times.

However, even today there are yo-yo players who prefer high-wall models and low-tech yo-yos, which shows that yo-yoing is not only competitive, but also one completed direction.

Low-edge models are very easy to operate and use, and have gained a huge market share in the competition scene.

The most attractive feature of a highwall yoyo is that it is a yoyo that requires "constant" control of the yoyo's position, so it can be completely under the control of the player's technique, and the degree of that control can clearly change as the player's technique improves.

However, in the case of straight highwalls, as typified by existing models, their overly sensitive nature can cause stress for the player.

Therefore, Highwall has restructured the shape of the wall to reduce the stress and calm its overly sensitive nature.

The effect of the restructuring has left the model with a controllable feeling and the advantages of being a highwall. 

The new Highwall is approximately 4mm wider in both diameter and width, and its large 61mm diameter and thick PC rim create a powerful spin.

Compared to the older High Wall, the new High Wall features an overall sharper shape, combining modern performance with a classic feel.

Furthermore, the same type of metal hubs as those on the Hybrid and Surveil are used to balance the overall weight.

・Release Informarion
1.mowl Online Store


mowl Online Store 
May 5th (Thu), 8pm

mowl Partner Store
May 14th (sat) 8pm

The release date of mowl partner stores outside Japan may be delayed.
Please contact each partner store for the detailed release date of each partner store.

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