【New Model】Rotix (ロティックス)

Introducing the "Rotix," mowl®'s first undersized yo-yo.
The definition of "undersized" varies among manufacturers and players today, but at mowl®, we have defined our category of undersized as being 51mm in diameter or less. Based on this new definition, we have designed our first ever undersized yo-yo, the "Rotix." Throughout the design process, we prioritized adaptability to modern tricks and ease of handling, ultimately settling on a size of approximately 45mm.

The name "Rotix" is a portmanteau combining "Rotation" and the suffix "-ix," which implies "Compact" (undersized). This name symbolizes the yo-yo's strong rotational force and its small size. "Rotation" highlights the yo-yo’s spinning power, "Compact" refers to its small size, and "-ix" was chosen to convey a technical and modern impression.

As mowl's first foray into undersized yo-yos, while a more eccentric model was considered, we aimed to set a standard for future releases of undersized yo-yos with user-friendly specifications and performance.

The artwork was commissioned to TitiFreak, a graffiti artist based in Osaka who is active worldwide. The model stands out distinctly from traditional mowl products due to its strong visual impact. In celebration of the Rotix release, we have also created the "Spilt Side Logo."

mowl Rotix (ロティックス)
Diameter(直径): 50.89 mm
Width(横幅): 44.98 mm
Weight(重量): 63.89 grams

Logo: "Spilt Side Logo"
To celebrate the launch of Rotix, we have released a limited edition model boldly featuring the graffiti logo crafted by TitiFreak, extravagantly engraved on the side of the Rotix shape.
This item is exclusively available at the mowl Online Store and mowl International Online Stores.

 ・Rotix 1st lot Colorway

Color: Dark Green 
We have adopted dark green, the corporate color of mowl.

Color: Spectral Prism Fade 
The "Spectral Prism Fade" features a blend of diverse shades similar to a prism, changing to salmon pink when the yo-yo spins. This color captures the delicate changes under natural light, expressing a serene beauty.

Color: Woodland Espresso
"Woodland Espresso" is a color name that blends the rich greens of the forest with the deep darkness of espresso. It evokes both the tranquility of nature and urban sophistication, with its deep and dark shades reminiscent of a serene retreat deep in the forest or a momentary escape in a city café, seamlessly integrating into both environments.

About TitiFreak (チチ・フリーク)


TitiFreak, originally from São Paulo, Brazil, is known as a third-generation Japanese-Brazilian, with his roots tracing back to grandparents who traveled to Brazil from Kobe on the immigrant ship "Kasato Maru." Fans of mowl may already be familiar with his name due to his artwork for the MRL series and his live painting at Unseen Village.

TitiFreak started exploring the world of comic animation at the age of 13 and spent seven years working with various comic designs both domestically and internationally, including Mauricio de Sousa, Disney, and Marvel. From 1994 to 1995, he gained experience across different media industries, including illustration, copyright animations for MTV Brazil, and more. In 1996, he ventured into street art for the first time, finding a new direction through graffiti art.

As a freelancer, TitiFreak has made his mark in the music industry by working on magazine covers and CD jackets, as well as in the fashion sector. He has secured contracts with major corporations such as Nike, Adidas, and Converse, and his talent and skills are widely recognized.

His affection for Osaka deepened after a visit to Japan in 2007, and in 2017, he officially relocated his base to Osaka. Now, as one of Osaka's leading graffiti artists, he continues to captivate many with his unique style.

TitiFreak's works reflect his perspective, emotions, human activities, chaos, dreams, urban spaces, and offer fresh insights into culture and nature. 

・"Rotix" Release Info

1:  mowl International Online Store

1: mowl Online Store Scheduled for release at April 13th 11am EST. https://store.mowl.jp/collections/new-release

  • In-store sales are also scheduled to start on April 20th (Saturday).

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