Surveil Ukraine Skyline Edition

・Release Notice of Surveil Ukraine Skyline Edition 

Surveil Ukraine Skyline Edition will be on sale from 20:00 on Sunday, March 27, 2022.


Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 24th, last month, has taken many innocent lives in Ukraine.

All proceeds from the Surveil Ukraine Skyline Edition, minus production costs, will be donated directly to the account of the Embassy of Ukraine in Japan.

We hope that through the culture of yo-yos, we can reach out to as many war-torn people as possible.


 “One morning I woke up to the sound of bombs echoing through the town I had taken for granted until yesterday. The family and loved ones who were with you yesterday go off to war, armed with fear and weapons as warriors.

I imagined that the time spent waiting for loved ones and hoping for the rebuilding of their country must be so hard and painful that each day seems longer than a year or even longer.


We hope for the earliest possible recovery and support for as many people as possible.”




Following the Oita Skyline Edition, the KALON-designed Skyline is the first in the Skyline series to be released on the mowl official online store.

Within the small campus of the yo-yo, KALON has recreated the Ukrainian city with beautiful Eastern European architecture before it was transformed by the war.


・Surveil SH & Surveil


We will be offering two special models with the Ukrainian Skyline logo: the new Surveil SH and the regular Surveil.

The Surveil is a sibling model of the Surveillance that successfully reproduces the shape of the Surveillance in polycarbonate material (PC material) and takes advantage of the unique lightness and strength of PC material without sacrificing controllability and feeling.

The design of the Ukrainian buildings is finely detailed.
The laser engraving is done at a lower power output to reproduce the Ukrainian cityscape, so the engraving is thinner than previous models.

The density of the laser engravings may vary from piece to piece, but this is not a problem in terms of product specifications

Surveil -サーベイル-
 Clear / Polished Silver Rim
Diameter: 55.9 mm
Width: 43.1 mm
Weight: 63.5 gram
Retail Price: 99 USD


Surveil SH
Diameter: 55.9 mm
Width: 43.1 mm
Weight: 63.5 gram
Retail Price: 110 USD

The Surveil SH is approximately 3g heavier than the conventional Surveil, and the hub material has been changed from aluminum to stainless steel, resulting in a more stable feel.

It features a softer and more powerful feeling than the conventional Surveil.


・Handling information of Surveil Ukraine Skyline Edition


1: mowl Online Store


mowl Online Store: Scheduled to be released around 20:00 on Sunday, March 27


The release date of partner stores outside Japan may be delayed.

Please contact each partner store for the detailed release date of each partner store.

We have enough stock, but we may run out of stock due to the recent yo-yo boom, so we will set a limit on the number at the time of release.