Welcome Party on Aug 17th

Welcome Party at. FUN SPACE DINER

 In conjunction with the World Yo-Yo Contest to be held in August 2023, we will be holding a welcome party in cooperation with yo-yo manufacturer Turning Point.

The party will be held on August 17 (Thursday), the first day of the World Yo-Yo Contest, at FUN SPACE DINER Namba in Naniwa-ku, Osaka City.

At the welcome party, in addition to the Pop Up Store, many international players who will participate in the World Yo-Yo Contest are scheduled to attend.

Located within walking distance from Namba Station, FUN SPACE DINER Namba is a cozy space with a warm atmosphere, and we have prepared a variety of events for everyone to enjoy.

YoYoFactory, founded in 2003, will celebrate its 20th anniversary with a traditional Japanese celebration called "Kagami-Biraki (Sake Barrel Ceremony)” at 6:30pm. Let's celebrate YoYoFactory's 20th anniversary together!

As special guests, you will have the opportunity to witness guest performances by globally renowned players, including Gentry Stein, the prominent player representing YoYoFactory, and Takeshi Matsuura, the distinguished player from Turning Point. Anticipate the impressive skills and intricate performances from these special guests.

With the World Yo-Yo Contest being held in Japan this year, we were able to invite many top-notch players from around the world.

This will be a great opportunity to communicate directly with top players from Japan and abroad. Its a great chance to interact and learn about their experiences through yo-yos.

So please feel free to come if you plan to participate or watch the World Yo-Yo Contest.

The Welcome Party is a special moment to celebrate the opening of the 2023 World Yo-Yo Contest, and we are committed to making it the best possible.

We invite you to share this special one-night-only experience with players from all over the world.



Although we usually focus on online sales, the experience of attending our Pop Up Store is special. We create a unique space thats in-line with mowl's world view and history.

We are currently making final adjustments to the items that will be available for purchase.
We will introduce the items on our blog in order of availability.

We have prepared a variety of items for our visitors to enjoy.
Please feel free to ask our staff for samples of our products.

・開催場所 & 注意事項

住所: 大阪府大阪市浪速区日本橋西1-3-26
ホームページ:  https://funspacediner.gorp.jp/

▼Please note the following

Sales will begin at 5:00 p.m. Customers wishing to purchase tickets should wait in line at the entrance.
Please refrain from bringing outside food and beverages as the event will be held in a restaurant.

Depending on the number of visitors, we may limit the number of people in line or distribute numbered tickets.

When playing yo-yo, please make sure that there are no people or objects around you and refrain from dangerous play.

If there is a line on the day of the event, please understand that you may be asked to wait before entering the venue.

Please refrain from making noise outside the store, as it may disturb the neighbors.