Surveil SH Ishikawa Edition / Clear / Matt Black Rim

・Surveil Ishikawa Edition 


The Noto Peninsula Earthquake that occurred in Reiwa Year 6 (2024) had a profound impact on many individuals. During this challenging period, with the heartfelt desire to provide support, we are offering the Surveil Ishikawa Edition for sale.

Reiwa Year 6 (2024) brought forth significant hardships due to the Noto Peninsula Earthquake.

The proceeds from the Surveil Ishikawa Edition will directly support the relief fund announced by Ishikawa Prefecture, subtracting only production costs.

Through the world of yo-yo culture, we extend a heartfelt hand to those facing adversity.

To all those who have been affected, we extend our sincere condolences. We pray for a speedy recovery and the safety of everyone involved.

About artworks

"Our deepest condolences go out to the affected individuals, and we fervently pray for a swift recovery. In these trying times, with global tensions and the challenging cold, we can only imagine the prolonged struggles.

With this artwork, we strive to preserve the beauty and culture of the Noto region, once taken for granted until last year.

Our gratitude knows no bounds for the chance to contribute, albeit modestly, to the disaster-stricken area through the mowl project.

We understand that many may be uncertain about how to assist, so we kindly request your support for disaster relief in exchange for our work."


About Surveil SH


About Surveil SH 

This time, we offer a special Surveil SH model featuring the Noto Peninsula Skyline logo, part of our Surveil series.

We successfully capture the essence of Surveillance using lightweight yet robust polycarbonate material (PC material), maintaining its functionality and feel. The design meticulously represents famous Noto Peninsula landmarks.

While individual differences may exist in the logo's darkness due to the laser engraving process, it falls within product specifications.

Additionally, we acknowledge the occurrence of black dots during laser processing as part of the product's intended design."

Surveil SH Ishikawa Edition
Diameter: 55.9 mm
Width: 43.1 mm
Weight: 67.2 gram

・Release info for Surveil Ishikawa Edition 


1: mowl Online Store


mowl Online Store: Jan 19th (Friday) 11am EST

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