Surveil T Green / Matt Black Rim


mowl Surveil 
Designed by Daiki Tanaka
Designed in Japan
Made in China

Diameter 55.9 mm
Width 43.1 mm
Weight 63.5 gram

Development of Surveil started from a lot of voices from customers that surveillance is so expensive.

The shape of the surveillance is reproduced with polycarbonate material (PC material) without losing operability and feeling.
We have succeeded in taking advantage of the light and strong advantages to PC materials.

Finished with a light weight of 63.5 grams, but with a light weight of polycarbonate material and stainless rim, these combination gives it an unprecedented feel.

Taking over the surveillance design, we adopted the artwork of "eyes" and "dial".

The surveil has the potential to become the new flagship model for mowl products.
For those who have never picked up a mowl product or who are hesitant to purchase surveillance, We can recommend surveil with confidence.

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