Aerodynex / Blasted Purple

・Aerodynex - エアロディネックス -

As development progressed with a focus on creating a high-combat-capable model in titanium to suit Hayato Itani's style, he also continuously proposed to Okuyama that 'a signature model represents a yo-yo used by someone I admire. I want to create an affordable model that many people can use, to make my signature model accessible to a wider audience.'

The mowl development team, prioritizing the creation of a 'battle-ready' model for the World Contest, decided on a titanium direction. Respecting Hayato's wishes, they almost simultaneously started developing a mono-metal version of Aerodynex. This model, while meeting the basic contest specifications, allows for more casual play.

Meanwhile, the monometal 1st prototype that arrived alongside demonstrated flawless performance as a finished product.

A monometal 2nd prototype was also created with a slightly narrower width to improve spin power and durability. However, the actual width of the prototype turned out to be narrower than anticipated, and there was no significant improvement in durability or spin power. Therefore, it was decided to proceed with the 1st prototype for production

Aerodynex - エアロディネックス -
Diameter(直径): 55.9 mm
Width(横幅): 47.2 mm
Weight(重量): 65.7 grams

The color is rich and deep, yet simple, resulting in a very attractive finish. The blast processing ensures a uniform and beautiful surface, allowing you to fully appreciate the texture.

・About Artwork

We have received a comment from KALON DESIGN STUDIO, who handled the artwork.

'First of all, congratulations to Hayato Itani on the release of your signature model. I am thrilled to think that the work we have spent so long creating is finally seeing the light of day.

Aerodynex was a project fueled by a strong desire to quickly create a great product, inspired by watching Hayato's dedication to the competition and Mr. Okuyama's efforts for him.

Although it took time, I am very happy that the best work has been completed.'

<Background of the Creation>

It was decided fairly early on to progress with artwork inheriting from the mono-metal yo-yo mowl Nocturnal, which Hayato Itani used.

During our differentiation discussions with Hayato for the same monometal, his comment, 'I think Nocturnal means nocturnal, but I'm actually a morning person...' struck a chord. Consequently, we decided to proceed with a sun-centric logo for Aerodynex, depicting Hayato's powerful and aggressive style with a strong expression of the sun.

Aerodynex has a face with an axle protrusion, greatly influencing the artwork, making it a so-called 'designer's nightmare' product. We made several fine adjustments this time. The center aligns with the sun's nose, and the left side forms a small moon shape, preserving a hint of Nocturnal.

The outer perimeter was created to resemble the 'prominences' that occur on the surface of the sun. A powerful work fitting for Hayato has been completed.


 About Hayato


Hayato Itani - 井谷 颯杜 -

Date of Birth: June 2, 2003 Birthplace: Born in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture; raised in Nagoya Play Style: 1A - Single Hand

2016: Started yo-yoing inspired by Hyper Yo-Yo, and was deeply moved by witnessing live competitive yo-yoing for the first time at NEST, a yo-yo shop in Nagoya he often visited.

2017: Won the beginner's division at the CJ (Chubu Regional Contest). The unforgettable experience deepened his immersion into the world of competitive yo-yoing.

2022: Achieved third place at the SJ (Kyushu Regional Contest) and advanced as the top contestant in the semi-finals of the JN (National Contest), leading to his official inclusion as a mowl Ambassador in June 2022.

2023: Advanced as the top contestant in the JN semi-finals. At the World Contest, he placed 12th in the fiercely competitive 1A division. Currently, he is actively preparing for the 2024 World Contest, organizing practice sessions and events to promote 'cool yo-yoing', and actively blogging.

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