Aerodynex Ti


A wide full-titanium body creates a sensation like soaring through the air.

Maximizing the benefits of the material, it offers unwavering stability.

After two years of conceptualization, the Aerodynex, designed to strongly support Hayato Itani's aggressive style, finally makes its debut as a product.

The name 'Aerodynex' is a coined term combining elements of 'Aero' and 'Dynamics'.

'Aero', derived from 'aerodynamics', refers to the study of how objects move through air or other gases. 'Dynex' is an abbreviation of 'Dynamics', typically representing the patterns of forces and movement associated with an object or system.

The term 'Aero' is inspired by Hayato Iitani's specialty in dominating horizontal tricks in the air. 'Dynex' evokes the aggressive and unpredictable movements of his tricks. Thus, the name 'Aerodynex' was born.

About the Development of Aerodynex

To match Hayato Itani's aggressive trick style, we explored from scratch the 'material' and 'structure' of the yo-yo, resulting in the creation of six prototypes: two Mono-Metals, two Bi-Metals, and two titaniums.

We pursued 'a yo-yo that truly matches Hayato's style in contests,' focusing on finding the ideal match for his unique approach.


We are starting the sale of Aerodynex Ti, which was initially released as a pre-sale at WYYC2023.

The Aerodynex Ti, featuring a unique technology that engraves a two-color laser logo on the inner rim, has been completed, employing advanced visual techniques.

Designed for the contest scene, Hayato Itani is actively used by in competitions, resulting in a model that offers high maneuverability and stability.

Aerodynex Ti
Diameter(直径): 55 mm
Width(横幅): 46 mm
Weight(重量): 65.2 grams

<Comment from mowl Ambassador Hayato Iitani>
An ideal yo-yo has been completed, combining the agility and spin power of a bimetal with great maneuverability and presence. With deep gratitude to the mowl development team, I recommend Aerodynex as a reliable partner to all competitors. I hope this yo-yo reaches many yo-yo contestants.

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