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・mowl Flex


mowl Flex

Designed for Fery Procházka
Diameter : 76.17 mm
Width : 67.64 mm
Weight : 72.1 grams

The "Flex" is the signature model of mowl ambassador Fery Prochazka, a two-time consecutive winner in the 4A division of the EYYC (European Yo-Yo Championships).

The large diameter and wide width minimizes player's mistakes.

 About Fery Procházka


Although he is only 19 years old, he has won the EYYC (European Yo-Yo Championship) twice in a row, and is a mowl ambassador living in the Czech Republic.

The sense of leeway on stage that matches his fresh look adds even more flair to Fery's style.

Fery Procházka 

Signature's own Fery Procházka comments on Flex.

『The Flex's calculated weight distribution allows me to be more successful with regeneration tricks, which is my specialty. And with Flex's durability and affordability, I can confidently recommend it to all off string players.』

Instagram: fery_prochazka

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