Heterogeneity DENKEN Blue


Specializing in smooth sliding on strings and tenacious spin,Heterogeneity, 

new model that supports players to the end of the trick, is first signature model 

of mowl ambassador Kenta Kushiro. 


Heterogeneity comes from Incorporating new styles and tricks that 

have never been introduced before himself.

It expresses Kenta Kushiro's intention to challenge the competition.


Diameter: 56 mm
Width: 42.9 mm
Weight: 66.1 grams

・About story behind the development of the product.


Kenta Kushiro, who moved from Tokyo to Osaka, where mowl is located,

in 2021.At the same time he built deeper trust with his mowl than ever before,

he decided to return to the competition scene that was far away.

To respond to Kenta's feeling

mowl promises support as one manufacturer and

Developed a yo-yo that maximizes Kenta's potential,

I promised to produce it.


Development started immediately, and this project started in the summer of 2021. 

With the start of the project Kenta reconsidered his play style. 

For the play style of Kenta, who was good at delicate and skillful tricks,

Match by incorporating style tricks and elements that you haven't adopted before.

As a condition to maximize the potential of Kenta Flexible maneuverability and slipperiness,

stability and power that can withstand long combos,

I needed hardness and a gentle feeling inside the core.


There is a concept of "trend" in the yo-yo market,

In the yo-yo market, wide width has become a trend in recent years,

The prototype that was completed in response to Kenta's request

It was the exact opposite of the trend.

Heterogeneity, ignoring trends,

Although it is a rare type of product in mowl,

As a performance peculiar to Heterogeneity, exhilarating operability peculiar to monometal yo-yo,

In addition to the feeling of weight adjusted to the limit without feeling stress

We have succeeded in creating a product that has sufficient performance to compete.

About Artwork


Kenta Kushiro's first signature model was particular about finishing the artwork with respect for the players' thoughts.

The artwork of the angel drawn this time is based on the motif of Athena, the goddess who controls wisdom, art, and strategy, and is drawn with a soft and mysterious atmosphere to the goddess who has the necessary abilities for the player.

The goddess Athena, who followed the owl as a sacred bird, is also known as "Glaucorpis", and it is thought that the original meaning is "a person with shining eyes" and "a person with gray and blue eyes". Therefore, it is also interpreted as "a person with the appearance of an owl" in relation to an owl (Graux).

This time, by adding the familiar owl wings with the mowl logo to this goddess Athena and applying mosaic processing to its symbolic eyes, It became the one and only that achieved a "heterogeneous mixture" of Goddess Athena and the Holy Bird Owl.

・About Kenta Kushiro

Kenta Kushiro July 27, 2000
Born in Hokkaido and raised in Tokyo.

Started yo-yo in 2011 with the third hyper yo-yo.

In 2013, influenced by videos of overseas players such as Charles Haycock and Petr Kavka on Youtube, he started to make original tricks.

In 2016, participated in the world contest held in Cleveland, USA, and advanced to the 1A division semi-final. I was motivated to learn English through interaction with overseas players.

In 2018, he joined mowl ambassador, and appeared in a promotional video of Nocturnal.

After graduating from high school in the spring of 2019, study abroad in Kansas, USA to study foreign cultures and improve English skills.


In 2021, decided to return to Japan after being affected by the infectious disease virus when I wanted to expand the range of activities in Japan by utilizing the experience I had cultivated in the United States.


In 2022, he moved to Osaka, reconsidered his play style while working more closely with mowl, decided to challenge the competition scene that he had never really tried before, and continued to challenge competitions.

Instagram: @mowlkenta
Twitter: @kenta94671

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