Heterogeneity / DENKEN Royal Blue


To commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the release of Kenta Kushiro model "Heterogeneity,"

These commemorative models were anodized by DENKEN, an anodizing specialist group with over 60 years of history, resulting in new creations that combine skilled craftsmanship with OG logo artwork.

"Royal Blue" is the adopted color of the first batch of Heterogeneity, and the release of "DENKEN Royal Blue" has been decided as a reprint version by DENKEN. Fans of Heterogeneity should be particularly pleased with this reprint.

We apologize for the delay in the planned release at the end of February. We will inform you of the release date on the mowl Online Store at a later date.

Heterogeneity "DENKEN Royal Blue"
Diameter(直径): 56 mm
Width(横幅): 42.9 mm
Weight(重量): 66.1 grams

The "Heterogeneity DENKEN Royal Blue" has experienced minor issues with vibration that do not significantly affect the play, as well as color inconsistencies. To ensure an adequate quantity for sale preparations, we will be offering a discounted price for this product. ※ We recommend that customers who are sensitive to vibrations consider refraining from purchasing.

"Heterogeneity" represents a cutting-edge yo-yo model and serves as the inaugural signature model for mowl ambassador Kenta Kushiro. This yo-yo excels in delivering smooth string play and enduring spins, designed to support players throughout their creative journeys. Kenta's vision for "Heterogeneity" is to encourage innovation and the exploration of fresh styles and tricks.

・About story behind the development of the product.


In 2021, Kenta Kushiro relocated to Osaka, where mowl is headquartered, strengthening his collaboration with the brand. Inspired by his desire to amplify creativity, he embarked on the journey to redefine his play style and rekindle his passion for yo-yoing. This prompted mowl to work closely with him in crafting a yo-yo that enhances his creative potential. Development commenced in the summer of 2021, with Kenta reimagining his play style, incorporating his delicate and skillful tricks with novel elements. The result is a yo-yo that combines maneuverability, slipperiness, stability, and power, offering a unique platform for creative expression.

About Artwork


Kenta's signature model features artwork inspired by Athena, the goddess of wisdom and strategy, representing the player's intentions. The addition of owl wings with the mowl logo and mosaic processing creates a distinct blend of Athena and the Sacred Owl, symbolizing Kenta's uniqueness.


・About Kenta Kushiro

Born in Hokkaido and raised in Tokyo in 2000, Kenta Kushiro initiated his yo-yo journey in 2011. He drew inspiration from international players like Charles Haycock and Petr Kavka on YouTube, which ignited his passion for developing original tricks. Following a study abroad program in Kansas, USA, in 2019, he returned to Japan in 2021, aspiring to leverage his experiences to encourage creativity within the yo-yo community. Kenta continues to push creative boundaries and actively participates in various creative projects.

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