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.  Heterogeneity 

 The new Heterogeneity model is designed for stress-free gliding on the string and tenacious rotation. Heterogeneity is a new model that supports players until the end of their tricks,
Heterogeneity is the first signature model of mowl Ambassador Kenta Kushiro.

The name "Heterogeneity" translates directly to "mixture of different kinds",
The name was chosen by mowl Ambassador Kenta Kushiro


Diameter: 56 mm
Width: 42.9 mm
Weight: 66.1 grams

・About story behind the development of the product.


In 2021, Kenta Kushiro moved his base from Tokyo to Osaka, where mowl is located. Kenta Hisashiro, who moved from Tokyo to Osaka in 2021, has built a deeper trust with mowl than ever before.

In order to respond to Kushiro's wishes, mowl has promised to support him as a manufacturer, and also promised to develop and produce a yo-yo that will maximize KYUSHIRO's potential, We promised to develop and produce a yo-yo that would maximize Kushiro's potential.

The development of the yo-yo started immediately, and this project was launched in the summer of 2021.

At the start of the project, we took a fresh look at Hisashiro's style of play.
Which was characterized by subtlety and skillful technique.

The conditions for maximizing Kushiro's potential were flexible mobility and glide. With the stability and power to withstand long combos. The yo-yo must have hardness and a gentle feel in the core.

In the yo-yo market, there is a concept of "trend". In the recent yo-yo market, where wider yo-yos are considered the trend, we took Kushiro's request and did the complete opposite of the trend.

The way the Heterogeneity ignores trends is a rare type of product for Mowl.
Heterogeneity's unique features include the exhilarating controllability of mono-metal yo-yos. Its weight, which has been adjusted to the limit without feeling stressed. In addition to the stress-free weight, the Heterogeneity is a product that is competitive enough to be used in competitions. We are happy that we succeeded in creating a product that is competitive yet stress-free.

About Artwork


Kenta Kushiro's first signature model was particular about finishing the artwork with respect for the players' thoughts.

The artwork for the first lot was sculpted using a the large face surface, giving the impression of an "angel," which is the motif of Heterogeneity.

For the 2nd lot, we have updated the artwork to further feature the "Heterogeneity" theme.

The Heterogeneity logo of the 1st lot was updated with the familiar owl feathers of the owl in the mowl logo to express the "heterogeneity" of the goddess Athena and the sacred owl.

With the update, the angel's feathers were changed to clouds in keeping with the theme of "clouds and angels. The circle logo was added to make the most of the shape and to refine the balance of the work.

In addition to the hidden word "Heterogeneity" in the circle logo, an angel and a devil were drawn in the clouds to give the work a playful feel.

There is a theory that the feather-shaped cloud implies that an angel is close by and wants to convey some important message to you.

Is it an angel or a fallen angel (devil) whispering in your ear?

We hope that this product will become one of the Mowl products that accompany you in your lifestyle as an indicator to objectively look at yourself.

・About Kenta Kushiro

Kenta Kushiro July 27, 2000
Born in Hokkaido, raised in Tokyo

Started yo-yoing in 2011 with the third phase of Hyper Yo-Yo.

In 2013, Influenced by videos of international players such as Charles Haycock and Petr Kavka, Kushiro started creating original and creative tricks.

In 2016, Kushiro Participated in the World Contest in Cleveland, USA, and made it to the semi-finals in the 1A division. 

In 2018, he joined Mowl as an ambassador, and appeared in a promotional video of Nocturnal.

In the spring of 2019 he graduated from high school and studied abroad in Kansas, USA. Studying foreign cultures and improve his English skills. Which he was very motivated to improve after the World Yo-yo Contest.

In 2021 he Decided to return to Japan due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At a time when he wanted to further expand his activities in Japan, taking advantage of the experience he gained in the US.

Then in 2022 He moved his base to Osaka, and became closely involved with Mowl.

Instagram: @mowlkenta
Twitter: @kenta94671

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