Heterogeneity Ti / Polished Royal Blue / Gold Engraving


Heterogeneity Ti 
Polished Royal Blue / Gold Engraving
Diameter(直径): 55.8 mm
Width(横幅): 42.8 mm
Weight(重量): 65.2 Grams
Designed for Kenta Kushiro


・About Kenta Kushiro


Kenta Kushiro, born on July 27, 2000, in Hokkaido and raised in Tokyo, is a rising star in the world of yo-yoing. His journey in the realm of spinning wonders began in 2011 when he was captivated by the third hyper yo-yo promotion.

In 2013, Kenta's yo-yoing world expanded as he drew inspiration from overseas players like Charles Haycock and Petr Kavka. Motivated by their videos, he ventured into crafting original tricks that would leave audiences in awe.

The pinnacle of his yo-yo journey came in 2016 when he made his mark on the global stage at the World Yo-Yo Contest in Cleveland, USA. There, he advanced to the 1A division semi-finals, solidifying his place among the world's top yo-yo talents. It was also during this time that Kenta took a unique path to self-improvement – he embarked on a journey to learn English, fostering connections with yo-yo enthusiasts from around the world. 

In 2018, Kenta achieved another milestone when he became a mowl ambassador, gracing the promotional video for the Nocturnal with his exceptional skills.

After graduating from high school in the spring of 2019, Kenta set off for Kansas, USA, to immerse himself in foreign cultures and sharpen his English proficiency. This international exposure broadened his horizons, preparing him for the exciting challenges that lay ahead.

In 2021, Kenta faced the disruptions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, prompting his return to Japan. Eager to leverage the experiences he gained in the United States, he aspired to expand his influence and activities within Japan.

The year 2022 marked a pivotal moment in Kenta's journey as he relocated to Osaka. Here, he embarked on a journey of self-discovery, reevaluating his playstyle while forging a closer collaboration with mowl. With a newfound determination, he ventured into the competitive yo-yo scene, a realm he had yet to fully explore. The spirit of challenge continues to drive Kenta as he relentlessly competes and pushes the boundaries of his yo-yoing artistry.

Kenta Kushiro, a young talent with a global perspective, is a name you'll want to remember in the world of yo-yos.

Instagram: @mowlkenta
Twitter: @kenta94671

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