【Releasing on June 6th】Heterogeneity Ti / Polished Royal Blue / Gold Engraving


Heterogeneity Ti 
Polished Royal Blue / Gold Engraving
Diameter(直径): 55.8 mm
Width(横幅): 42.8 mm
Weight(重量): 65.2 Grams
Designed for Kenta Kushiro


・About Kenta Kushiro

Kenta Kushiro July 27, 2000
Born in Hokkaido and raised in Tokyo.

Started yo-yo in 2011 with the third hyper yo-yo promotion.

In 2013, influenced by videos of overseas players such as Charles Haycock and Petr Kavka, he started to make original tricks.

In 2016, he participated in the world yo-yo contest held in Cleveland, USA, and advanced to the 1A division semi-final. After the contest he was motivated to learn English through interaction with overseas players.

In 2018, he became a mowl ambassador, and appeared in a promotional video for the Nocturnal.

After graduating from high school in the spring of 2019, he studied abroad in Kansas, USA to study foreign cultures and improve English skills.


In 2021, decided to return to Japan after being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. After returning he wanted to expand the range of activities in Japan by utilizing the experience he had cultivated in the United States.


In 2022, he moved to Osaka, reconsidered his play style while working more closely with mowl, decided to challenge the competition scene that he had never really tried before, and continued to challenge competitions.

Instagram: @mowlkenta
Twitter: @kenta94671

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