Hybrid Type-H / Clear / White Pom Rim


                       mowl Hybrid Type-H                    

Creating a unique and entirely new H-profile sensation, thanks to the combination of two different plastic materials.

Introducing the Hybrid Type-H, which inherits the H-profile shape of Mowl's flagship model 'M,' combining two different plastic materials to create a unique and new feeling.

Just like its predecessor, it is created from two different plastic materials, polycarbonate and POM, to form the H-profile shape that is the base of the 'M.' This results in a new choice for Hybrid enthusiasts and a new standard model for Mowl.

Hybrid Type-H 
Diameter(直径): 57.1 mm
Width(横幅): 46.4 mm
Weight(重量): 63.4 grams

 ・"Hybrid Type-H" 開発秘話

Hybrid Type-H, a model that inherits the H-profile shape of Mowl's flagship model 'M,' creates a captivating feeling with sharpness hidden within, thanks to the two different materials used.

It was released in December 2021 and features the distinctive feeling generated by the combination of two different plastic materials, making it a Bi-Plastic Yo-Yo with unique characteristics.


Having received positive feedback from many users after the release of the previous Hybrid model in April, we decided to further explore the possibilities of Hybrid under the theme of 'Exploring the Potential of Hybrid Structure' during subsequent development discussions.

As a result, the concept of designing a new standard Hybrid based on an existing model at mowl was born, and the development of Hybrid Type-H began.

The chosen base model was 'M,' which has been a representative flagship model for mowl since its inception. M has undergone two updates since its initial launch in 2016, including revisions to weight, shape, and materials. It is known for its iconic owl artwork and unique H-profile shape. While M's distinctive rims produce a sharp and powerful feel, the previous Hybrid had rounder rims, resulting in a softer overall feel.

To capture only the sharp aspects of M's feeling, we faced the challenge that simply replicating M's diameter, width, and shape would not provide the necessary weight during the design process.

Therefore, to increase weight and stability, we increased the surface area and width of the rims and made them more straight, resulting in the creation of the 1st prototype. Although the shape gives a strong impression of sharpness, the feel combines M's sharp characteristics with the softness generated by two different materials, resulting in an entirely new Yo-Yo experience.

After conducting test plays with team members and Mowl ambassadors using the 1st prototype, we unanimously decided to release the 1st prototype as the final product, as there were no improvements or changes needed.

 ・Designers Comments 


Experience the essence of M that has been reborn as a completely new Hybrid in your hands. This product is designed with the potential to transform and evolve in various ways. We asked the design team three questions about Hybrid Type-H, so please take a closer look at Hybrid Type-H here:

  1. What was the most challenging aspect of designing Hybrid Type-H?

Development Team: "It wasn't necessarily challenging, but we took our time to fine-tune the design to ensure that there is a clear difference in character compared to Hybrid."

  1. What is the design team's point of focus for Hybrid Type-H?

Development Team: "Our focus was on creating a Yo-Yo that is the opposite of the Hybrid's concept, which is a lightweight, wide, round-shaped Yo-Yo. We wanted to create something that adheres to the standard Mowl form of H-profile."

  1. In the eyes of the development team, how would you describe Hybrid Type-H?

Development Team: "You can see the dimensions of the body in the spec sheet, which are fairly standard. We hope players can feel the quality of a Bi-Plastic Yo-Yo without being influenced by the image of Hybrid. It's a fun Yo-Yo not only for 1A but also for 3A and 5A, so please try it for those styles as well."

Thank you to the development team for your cooperation!


Important Notes:
  • Please note that minor scratches may be visible on the black body during production and are part of the product's specifications.
  • If you are sensitive to such imperfections, we kindly ask that you refrain from making a purchase.
  • To ensure that as many customers as possible can make a purchase, there is a limit of two units per person at the time of release.
  • Orders placed with the intention of resale or resale are strictly prohibited, and orders suspected of such activities may be canceled.

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