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・M, which was born with the beginning of mowl, has evolved further.


On the occasion of mowl's 6th anniversary, we have made a minor update to "M", which has been used by many mowl users since its release in 2016 as the entry model of mowl.

 The original M was developed based on the concept of "a yo-yo that still feels good to throw five years after its release," and even five years after its birth, it still exists as a symbolic mowl yo-yo without fading away.

As a minor update, the aluminum alloy material has been changed to A6061 material to enable more stable production.

In addition, the thumb grind spots are rounded and thicker than in previous lots.

Compared to the previous lot, the weight has been moved further outward, resulting in a more cohesive and defined core feel.

mowl M
Diameter: 55.5mm
Width: 42.7mm
Weight: 64.7grams

Sharp as an owl's talons, light as flapping wings, and quick-moving afterimages will travel through the string to create an impact.

This is a new standard for mowl that can be accepted by any player.

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