M Splash (Green / Black )

・The M, which was born with the beginning of mowl, has evolved further.

mowl M
Diameter: 55.4mm
Width: 42.4mm
Weight: 66grams


The  M, which was developed with the concept of "a yo-yo that you can feel comfortable even after 5 years from its release”.M has been a symbol yoyo of mowl since its release.

While receiving a lot of support, we decided to update it to be better by accepting various ideas.

Based on the original design that has both good feeling and high performance, the basic performance has been greatly improved by reviewing the design. Not only it has strong spin and stability, but also smoothness and unique feeling.

 Sharp as an owl's claw, light as a flapping wing, and a fast-moving afterimage will make an impact along the string.

The price has been reduced and it has become the new standard for mowl that is accepted by any player.

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