Leather Yo-Yo Bag Small Size

・ Leather Yo-Yo bag small size

We made a Yo-yo bag in collaboration with who has a history of more than 50 years in the manufacture of leather products.

It is a simple and luxurious bag that anyone can use.

We have two types, S size and M size.

S size (2 can be stored using sponge)

Vertical 9.6 cm x horizontal 16.5 cm x thickness 6 cm

Retail Price: 12,650 yen (tax included)

The sponge of the product actually delivered is about 5 mm lower than the image.

mowl on the front side of the puller and Mi-Cours embossed on the back side.


About the material
Italian luxury leather: Adria
Using high quality Italian cowhide, the color is beautiful
It has a high-quality luster, is soft and thick, and has an attractive moist feel that sticks to the skin.
The water-repellent and embossed texture gives it a sense of elegance and luxury.

・About Mi-Cours

Since its birth in 1965, Mi-Cours has accumulated knowledge and technology while procuring various materials from Japan and overseas, and has launched Mi-Cours's original brand by making use of its vast accumulation.

Art, fashion, thorough functional beauty,
By setting a theme for each, they work every day to create works that breathe a breeze of innovation into one fashion item called a bag.

They are carefully making things with the hope that they can deliver bags that will be loved by as many users as possible for a long time.

Here is a website of Mi-Cours here

6-5-10 Takaida Nishi,

Higashiosaka-shi, Osaka-fu 577-0067 Japan

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