mowl String / mowl Green / 100pcs

・mowl String


mowl String
Color: mowl Green
Quantity: 100

We created strings in collaboration with Kitty String, a string maker that boasts the largest market share in the yo-yo industry contest scene.


From the beginning of mowl's launch, Kitty String was included as the initial string.
In addition, mowl producer Eiji Okuyama did not get a stable string at the time of active duty and asked Hiro Koba before launching Kitty String to make a string that is twice as long as usual, so we have a good relationship with him.

・About Kitty string

Hiro Koba, the owner of Kitty String, lived in the Philippines at that time.
In the Philippines, it was difficult to get strings, so he started by making strings by hand.

Available at shops in Japan

By developing three types, "slim", "normal", and "fat", users' choices and play styles have expanded.

The owner, Hiro Koba, has moved Kitty String's activities from the Philippines to Japan.

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