MRL-04 for Petr Kavka

・MRL-04 for Petr Kavka


MRL-04 for Petr Kavka
Diameter: 58.5 mm
Width: 41.6 mm
Weight: 67.8 grams

A collaboration model with Peter Kavka, a former member of CLYW.
We made it based on Petr's own signature model, Cliff.

Petr Kavka's signature model, a favorite of Chief, Sasquatch and Avalanche in the past.
The cliff is designed for a yo-yo close to 60mm, which is larger than the three models.
CLYW's double rim is used.

The deep carving inside enhances the yo-yo stand out for both strong spin and controllability, and features smooth feeling for large movements.

The MRL-04 comes with a limited glow color Candy Dice pro PK which is Petr's signature model.

* We adopted CLYW size pad.

5A charismatic player from the Czech Republic born October 27, 1991.
Formerly a member of CLYW and a member of the Czech yo-yo shop SLUSNY.

European Champion in 5A category in 2010
He has won the national championship in the 5A and 1A categories many times.

A player with beautiful slack in a comfortable tempo flow.

・Handling Information


* Due to a mistake during production, the MRL-04&05 do not have an O-ring attached to the hub and is included separately.

When replacing with another shell, use it with an O-ring.

* MRL-04 & MRL-05 are tightly fitted.
Please be careful when disassembling.

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