MRL-04 Shell

A collaboration concept model of REWIND Shibuya store manager "Terry", whose consists of a hub and shell (body) and has a rare structure that can be customized.

Released as the initial version of the triple collaboration model "MRL" of the domestic brand "Mowl", "Yo-Yo Studio llama" from Aomori, and the 2001 world champion / rewind Shibuya store manager, Shingo Terada.

By exchanging the shell, it changes to various feeling, and because it is a concept model that corresponds to various play styles, the hub (metal parts in the center) is intentionally given weight.

Please note that the MRL hub (central part) is required to use this product.

Please note that it may be difficult to remove vibe when assembling the MRL.
We hope that only customers who enjoy including fine adjustments can consider purchasing.

* Shell (body)is  only sold

* Hubs, accelerators, spacers, bearings and pads are not included.

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