MRL-05 for Tony Šec

・MRL-05 for Tony Šec


MRL-05 for Tony Šec
Diameter: 58.8 mm
Width: 46.8 mm
Weight: 65.9 grams
Collaboration model with Tony sec from SF yoyos.
Made it based on Tony's own signature model, Statement.

This is a collaboration model with SF yoyos and Tony Sec, and was created based on Tony's own signature model, Statement.

Thanks to the wide shape inherited from Statement, the performance of the 005 shell is demonstrated even for dynamic influence tricks using shoulders that Tony is good at.

Stable spin is realized by installing the metal rim for the first time in the MRL series, and titifreak is also in charge of the artwork of the metal rim part.


1A player from SF yo-yo from Czech Republic.

He is a world-famous player with a smooth flow and a wide variety of variations.

Sfyoyos' Statement is Tony's signature model.

・Handling Information

* Due to a mistake during production, the MRL-04&05 do not have an O-ring attached to the hub and is included separately.

When replacing with another shell, use it with an O-ring.

* MRL-04 & MRL-05 are tightly fitted.
Please be careful when disassembling.

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