Nocturnal / Blasted Matt Silver


Before joining mowl, Hayato Itani was a dedicated user of the Nocturnal yo-yo. After joining mowl, he developed his signature model, Aerodynex, based on the Nocturnal. With the release of the Aerodynex, we received numerous requests from customers to reproduce the Nocturnal. This time, we are introducing two new colors for the Nocturnal inspired by the popular Aerodynex colors: "Hayato Fade" and "Blasted Matt Silver."

Nocturnal / Blasted Matt Silver
Diamatter: 56.8 mm 
Width: 47.6 mm 
Weight: 66.3 gram

The Blasted Matt Silver, treated with blast processing and anodized in silver, features an elegant matte finish and a smooth touch. This special finish is characterized by its subdued silver sheen that minimizes reflections, offering a calm and sophisticated look.

The yo-yo is designed as a full-size, wide model that offers smooth movement and excellent spin during play. It fits comfortably in the hand, making it highly addictive, according to feedback from our users.

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