Surveillance Dark Green / Polished Black Rim



Left: Dark Green / Polished Black Rim
Center: Varsity Red / Polished Black Rim
Right: T Green / Polished Black Rim

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・About Surveillance 


Color: Varsity Red / Polished Black Rim

Designed by Daiki Tanaka
Designed in Japan
Made in China

Diameter: 55.9 mm
Width: 42.3 mm

Unveiling the Evolution: The Story Behind Our Updated Surveillance Model

In our relentless pursuit of pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons, we embarked on a journey that would redefine excellence. In 2018, we made the bold decision to halt production of our first-generation model, setting our sights on creating something extraordinary – the second-generation Surveillance.

This iconic yo-yo has been embraced by enthusiasts worldwide, becoming synonymous with the Mowl brand. However, our quest for innovation urged us to reimagine rather than reinvent. Instead of altering its fundamental shape, we began our development journey by experimenting with materials.

About the First Surveillance

Our initial vision for the Surveillance was to craft a yo-yo with a bimetal structure that offered exceptional control. We aimed to preserve the unique rotational force of bimetals while allowing for precise speed adjustments and quick tricks.

As we contemplated the next iteration, we pondered how to enhance the yo-yo without altering its core design. Our solution? The introduction of a "Thumb Grinding" feature, designed to enhance control without shifting the center of gravity. This added versatility, coupled with an extended shaft for durability, resulted in an H-profile shape that strikes the perfect balance between comfort and performance.

Introducing the Updated Surveillance

Throughout 2019, we meticulously crafted and tested prototypes, and the conclusion was undeniable – Surveillance had evolved. Today, we proudly present the second-generation model, a culmination of numerous trials, errors, and creative brainstorming.

What sets the current model apart is a carefully adjusted weight balance achieved through the incorporation of new materials. This innovation, along with a matte rim, not only enhances performance but also reduces spin loss in case of an accidental hand collision. It's a yo-yo that combines grace with power.

Please Note:

  • Some color variation or bleeding may occur during production.

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