Surveillance T Green / Polished Black Rim



Left: Dark Green / Polished Black Rim
Center: Varsity Red / Polished Black Rim
Right: T Green / Polished Black Rim

・About Surveillance 


Color: Varsity Red / Polished Black Rim

Designed by Daiki Tanaka
Designed in Japan
Made in China

Diameter: 55.9 mm
Width: 42.3 mm

About the secret story of the development of the update model

In order to explore further possibilities, we decided to stop at the end of 2018 the production of the 1st model and we started the development of the updated version.

The development of the second generation surveillance has begun, hoping for the further success of mowl ambassador Daiki Tanaka.

Surveillance, which has received a great deal of support from many people, can be said to be one of the symbols of the mowl brand.In order to explore further possibilities, we decided to stop at the end of 2018 the production of the 1st model and we started the development of the updated version.

While discussing the direction of the upgraded version of surveillance, why not change a material instead of making major changes in shape? Development started from that.



About 1st Surveillance

The concept when developing this surveillance was to produce "a yo-yo with a bimetal structure that is also easy to control." A yo-yo that kept the rotational force peculiar to bimetal and could give as much speed as needed, and could be stop or keep on going pretty quickly when adjusting strength of the trick.


While we were discussing the direction on which we wanted to take the newer version, we were also thinking, how we could change the aluminum material without making any major changes to neither the shape nor to the face. And with some refinement here we are!


We adopted a Thumb Grinding spot to make it easier to control the yo-yo, being able to control it without the center of gravity moving but only the outer circumference, and the spot for thumb grind allows you to grab the yo-yo, hook your finger, and expand the range of play.

And to give a margin to the length of the shaft, an extension is made in the center of the face to improve the durability of the yo-yo.

As a result of research to make the surveillance easy to grind, it has become an H profile shape.

The direct line is neither too big nor too small, and it was designed with attention so that anyone can hold it with ease.

The H-profile shape, which is a straight shape with a deeply hollowed edge, made it possible to create a yo-yo that is extremely satisfying with its undisputed rotational force.


About updated surveillance


While developing prototypes several times in 2019, we could clearly feel that "surveillance has evolved" from the moment we picked it up, so we decided to release it.


The current 2nd model is the result of many trials and errors and meetings.We made an updated model for the first time.We made it with the desire to surely keep the good points and to attract the big changes.


Change weight balance
By adopting new metal, the face surface has been slightly changed from the 1st model. By adopting new weight balance and new metal, the performance has been greatly improved compared to the 1st model.

Adopted matt rim
Sleep loss is reduced even if you hit your hand during play. It also looks elegant.

There may be color unevenness or bleeding produced during  production. Please note that.

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