Q / Denken Gold

・Q / Denken Gold


The mowl monometal yo-yo "Q," which has a good throw and a liberating feeling, is now available in a new Denken color.

Diameter(直径): 57 mm
Width(横幅): 45.1 mm
Weight(重量): 61 grams 

Ambassador's Recommendation


"The Q has been my favorite yo-yo ever since I received the prototype. I think it's a yoyo that has both the best of the old school and the best of the new school. It's still one of those yo-yos I keep on my desk and throw a lot."

CHIP -mowl Ambassador (Barcelona/Spain)

 "We shot the Q promotional video a week before the corona outbreak began. I remember well that our cameraman, Masa, miraculously managed to get a plane ticket before all of Europe was closed off and we were able to finish the shoot without incident." 

CHIP: Instagram

・Release information
1.mowl Online Store



mowl Online Store: Oct 14th (SAT)  11am EST


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