Obsession + Black / Matt Black Rim

・ Obsession + Release Info


Obsession +: The Bimetal Revolution

Step into a new era of yo-yo perfection with the Obsession +, the evolution of a true classic. Originally introduced at 44clash in November 2018, Obsession has undergone not one but two production upgrades, ultimately emerging as a remarkable bimetal marvel.

This bimetal masterpiece seamlessly blends the nimble maneuverability characteristic of mid-sized yo-yos with the unrivaled comfort that defines the Obsession line. The Obsession + boasts a sleek A7075 aluminum body adorned with a stainless steel rim. The addition of the stainless steel rim ushers in a powerful rotational force, while the polished rim enhances the yo-yo's visual presence, captivating both your eyes and your playstyle.

As its name suggests, the Obsession + is addictive from the very first throw. Yo-yo enthusiasts worldwide have raved about the irresistible charm of this model, experiencing a different kind of yo-yo obsession.

Mowl Obsession +
Diameter: 54mm
Width: 42.35mm
Weight: 64 grams

 * Please note that small scratches on the rim will be considered as product specifications, as small scratches on the rim will be created during the manufacturing process of the stainless steel rim.

・ Artwork of Obsession +


Not stopping at performance upgrades, we've also refreshed the artwork adorning the Obsession + with captivating hand and brain motifs.

 Just like the original Obsession, these hidden elements adorn the yo-yo, with the "Obsession +" name prominently featuring two stylized "S" characters on the face, creating a mesmerizing visual effect.

In the world of yo-yos, "SS" often signifies stainless steel, and with the Obsession +, this emblematic material takes center stage in its bimetal design.

・ In developing Obsession +


The journey to creating the Obsession + began with a simple question: "What if we transform the beloved Obsession into a bimetal wonder?" With a scarcity of mid-sized bimetal yo-yos in the market, we saw an opportunity to craft something truly exceptional.

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