Surveillance HPF / Black / Matt Black Rim

Surveillance HPF additional information

 mowl Ambassador Daiki Tanaka Model "H profile with iconic eyes and dial".

A new companion joins the #mowls series.

Surveillance HPF
Diameter: 55.9 mm
Width: 42.8 mm
Weight: 64.8 grams

We have two types of products, Left Eye (Regular Logo) and Both Eye Set (including Left eye and Right eye).

Surveillance HPF: Elevate Your Yo-Yo Experience

The Surveillance HPF takes inspiration from Hank's signature Oscillator, a classic released in 2018 under the banner of his co-owned yo-yo brand, 44RPM. While it pays homage to the Oscillator, the Surveillance HPF introduces game-changing enhancements that redefine your yo-yo journey.

The most profound transformation lies in the transition from an inner rim to an outer rim design. This shift not only alters the feel but also broadens the horizons of available playing styles, presenting players with an array of exciting choices.

The outer rim design of the Surveillance HPF elevates the yo-yo experience to new heights. Its throws are characterized by an exhilarating sharpness and responsiveness that sets it apart from the softer, more monometal-like feel of the Oscillator.

But there's more to the story. The Surveillance HPF is crafted to be slightly lighter than the Oscillator, enhancing its agility and playability. It offers a speedy operability that's bound to captivate enthusiasts of all levels.

What truly sets the Surveillance HPF apart is its position as a special model. We invite you to explore the evolution of the Surveillance HPF and experience the difference it brings when compared to the standard Surveillance.

Hear what mowl Ambassador Daiki Tanaka has to say about the HPF:

"The HPF makes its presence felt with every throw. It effortlessly handles long combos and intense maneuvers, such as speedy escapes from your hand. This high-performance model is not limited to 3A but shines brightly in 1A and 5A

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