Vigilancia Blue Fade

・Vigilancia Release Announcement 


We released various models of #mowls series after the release of the first Surveillance on October,2017.

We tried to make a mono-metal Surveillance called "Monoveillance" since spring,2020. Finally, we made it and named it Vigilancia. The first mono-metal of Daiki Tanaka's signature models and we released it on Jun, 6th.

We received a lot of feedback on the Vigilancia.

Mowl`s development team and Daiki Tanaka had a lot of discussions about what to do to make the Vigilancia more satisficing to play.

We used a proprietary aluminum for the Vigillancia, which is not common in the yo-yo industry. We were worried that differences in the material would vary and a stable supply would not be possible.

The development team decided to change from the proprietary aluminum to 7075 material.

You can feel the presence of the yo-yo even more while playing. Also, We decided to update it after discussing with the team that the default mowl Responce Pads would make our customers even happier.

The concept of Surveillance was "a yo-yo with a bimetal structure and easy to control." It`s a yo-yo that kept the spinning power of bimetal yo-yos and played as fast as you wanted. Furthermore, the Surveillance was designed to easily control the movement and momentum.

Surveillance evolved through changing the material to 7075. The new version is designed to have the strength and performance of a bimetal, so the original version's unique feeling is faded.

Vigilancia retains the characteristics of the surveillance, and it was very difficult to get close to the surveillance feel by using only an aluminum body.

This yoyo represents the peculiar feeling of the surveillance. The spinning power that is transmitted to the hand is similar to its bimetal counterpart

Vigilancia is more than just a cheaper version of surveillance, it's a family of new #mowls series from the old surveillance. We would like you to feel the uniqueness of surveillance in this Vigilancia.

The new surveillance, which is an evolution of the original, now the Vigilancia is a new option in the S series with the concept of spinning power and controllability that is comparable to bimetal even in monometal.

Gold Fade

mowl Vigilancia
Diameter(直径): 56 mm
Width(横幅): 43.6 mm
Weight(重量): 66.6 grams

About Artworks 

Vigilancia's artwork with the motif of a "lensatic compass" that is held at eye level and aimed at the target is reminiscent of the popular surveillance model of the #mowls series.

The Lenzatic compass has a viewing window to accurately grasp the direction of the target, it is possible to grasp the current position, accurately measure the direction of the destination, and to know your position immediately even if you get lost on a mountain road. 

It expresses "Correct guidance" with the motif of a compass that means trajectory, correction and accuracy.

The size of the logo has been revised compared to the first lot, and the impact of the larger logo in the center fits the Vigilancia perfectly.

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