X / Eric Edition


"Codename is X"

Diameter: 57mm
Width: 43.7mm
Weight: 65.3 Grams

Codename X: A Playful Evolution

In the early days of July last year, we embarked on a journey that would redefine the world of yo-yos. As part of our grand vision for the future and following a major release celebrating the 5th anniversary of Mowl's establishment, we unveiled "Codename X."

The mission at the outset was simple – to create a yo-yo that Mowl producer Eiji Okuyama craved at that very moment. It began as a vague concept, a spark of inspiration that would soon ignite into something extraordinary.

Fast forward to June 6, 2022, with a deadline set for launch on the 6th anniversary of Mowl's establishment. We poured our hearts into the development of this new masterpiece.





Regarding the specification changes for "X": Up until the previous version, the "X" that was available for sale used a hub system with a separate spacer.

Starting from this release, we have adopted a spacer and hub integrated system for the "X" we offer. This eliminates concerns about losing the spacer when opening the yo-yo.

The weight distribution has changed, and compared to the traditional model with spacers, the new version is approximately 0.1g heavier, resulting in a different feel during use.

Due to the shift in the center of gravity, the yo-yo now has a slightly more pronounced center, providing a different feeling compared to the previous version.

On December 25th, "X" Ambassador Edition and "High Wall," celebrating Eric Tran-Ton's birthday, will be released as limited editions.

"X" represents a special commemorative product where Eric's Infiltrate icon is incorporated into the "X."

  About the "X"


When it comes to relaxing and playing with a yo-yo, Eiji Okuyama's go-to choice has always been the Q. 


And so, the idea of crafting a product inspired by the Q took root, embodying the very essence of how mowl products come to life – fueled by Eiji Okuyama's playful spirit.



Eiji Okuyama's whimsical ideas are handed off to our skilled designers, who work their magic to bring his fantasies to life. Together, they set out to create a yo-yo with a round shape that amplifies the "pleasure of use" that the Q has always offered.

For this project, we chose to work with the same material used in the Surveil, High Wall (new model), and Hybrid – Polycarbonate material (PC). This decision allowed us to maintain that trademark "light and comfortable" feel that PC material is known for.


However, crafting a round-shaped yo-yo with PC material posed a unique challenge – the risk of it being too lightweight and lacking stability. To overcome this, we innovated by introducing a stainless steel inner rim. This inner rim not only added stability but also maintained the soft, round feel that defines the yo-yo's character. The presence of the stainless steel rim subtly enhances the overall experience, providing a "smooth and natural" sensation.

With the Codename X, you'll find comfort in the round shape, experience a unique sense of stability thanks to the inner rim, and enjoy a powerful spin with minimal effort. 

・The X's feeling and operability


The round shape sculpted with PC material


The Inner stainless steel rims joined to fit the shape

It seamlessly blends nostalgia with cutting-edge technology, offering an experience like no other.

Unveil a new dimension of yo-yoing with Codename X – where tradition meets innovation, and where playfulness takes center stage.

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