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Made in China
Designed in Japan
Diameter 55 mm
Width 46 mm
Weight 65.2 gram

The wide, full-titanium body creates an
Aerodynamic feel like flying through the air.
It maximizes the benefits of the material.
Giving it a steadfast sense of stability.
Two years after conception,
Aerodynex strongly supports the aggressive play style, 
which strongly supports the aggressive
product style.
Aerodynex is a term coined by combining elements of Aero and Dynamics.

It`s derived from the word aerodynamics,
It refers to the study of how objects move in air or other gases.
The word 'Dynamics' is also derived from 'Aerodynamics',
'Dynex' is a shortened form of 'dynamics',
usually associated with objects or systems.
Patterns of force and motion, usually associated with an object or system.
Dynex specializes in dominating the air.
Such as horizontal tricks that cut through the air.
Aero specializes in aggressive and unpredictable trick movements.
 Both of witch, are a specialty of Hayato. 

About the development of Aerodynex.
To suit the aggressive trick style of Hayato,
we started from scratch to search for the right materials and body structure.
In total five prototypes were created.
Two monometal, one bimetal and two titanium.
 We sought "a yo-yo that really matches Hayato's style".
The result is a yo-yo that really matches Hayato's style!

We received feedback from Hayato himself on all 5 prototypes.

The two monometal versions and the bimetal version
felt good, but they lacked
the rotating force Hayato needed. The titanium version on the other hand was superb and had all the stability Hayato was looking for.

The first prototype of the titanium version,
had satisfactory rotational force and stability.
However, it lacked the "exhilarating operability" that Hayato wanted.
We decided to update the design by making the body as thin as possible to maintain the rotational force, stability, and strength.
Doing so gave the Aerodynex the exhilarating feel that Hayato wanted.
For players who aspire to have an aggressive style like Hayato,
Please try this masterpiece.
 Comment from Producer Okuyama.
In order to produce a yo-yo that would satisfy our customers as quickly as possible, we repeatedly negotiated with the factory regarding the limit of how thin the body could be made and the strength of the yo-yo.
After much trial and error, we finally found the limit of how thin we could make the yo-yo, and we are happy to release Aerodynex as a product, which has become a strong ally of Hayato`s style.

We are planing to release  Aerodynex in November.