DENKEN Anodize


We have worked with many companies and creators to create our products. Among them, DENKEN plays an indispensable role in taking the quality of our products to the next level.

Since its establishment in 1960 as Ikuno Electrolysis Kogyosho, DENKEN has been involved in aluminum surface treatment for various products, and has earned the trust of its customers by utilizing the technical skills it has developed and by carrying out customer-oriented operations. In 2021, the company received the "Osaka Monozukuri Excellent Company Award," recognizing it as an excellent manufacturing SME in Osaka Prefecture that boasts "advanced technological capabilities," "high quality, low cost, and short delivery times.

At the end of May 2021, the first yo-yo released by mowl / DENKEN was the MRL. The first anodizing process on the hub was an acid oxide coating on the base color, followed by DENKEN's original coating, and then anodizing on top of that to express the logo, a product we are proud to offer.

After the sale of MRL, we have sold many versions of mowl monometal models.

We sincerely hope that many of you will be able to hold mowl's products, backed by DENKEN's technology, in your hands in the future.

 ・ release colors.   

"mowl Green"

M mowl Camo / mowl Green 

Q / mowl Green

The yo-yo is made in mowl's corporate color, dark green. The color has a luxurious feel and a deep luster that is appropriate for "mowl green".


M mowl camo (SOLD OUT)


This gold created by DENKEN is a unique color that DENKEN has created through a process of trial and error and blending, resulting in a beautiful yo-yo with a one-of-a-kind color.


Obsession / Denken Blue


 Release Info

1:  mowl Online Store

Releasing on Oct 14th (SAT)    11am EST
Please note that the release time will change from this release.