【New Item】Aerodynex / Aerodynex Ti

"In August 2023, at the World Yo-Yo Contest held in Osaka, mowl Ambassador Hayato Itani captivated many spectators with a memorable performance, leaving a lasting impression. We are excited to announce the release of his signature model, Aerodynex / Aerodynex Ti. Sales will begin on November 25th (Saturday) at the Japan mowl Online Store and November 30th (Thursday) at the International mowl Online Store.  



<Journey to the Signature Model Development>

Before joining as a mowl Ambassador, Hayato Iitani favored the mowl monometal model Nocturnal. However, The Nocturnal couldn't replicate the freestyle performance Hayato sought.

With his challenge in competitive yo-yoing, he switched to the mowl bimetal model Surveillance HPF for the SJ (South Japan Contest) in March 2022. But even this model lacked the final stretch and width, and occasionally tangled with the string, not quite fitting Hayato’s style.

However, Hayato's performance at SJ strongly resonated with mowl's producer, Okuyama, inspiring him to see Hayato's maximum potential. He wanted to support Hayato by creating a yo-yo that would allow him to give his all and to provide the right environment for competitions.

After finishing a Pop-Up event in Tokyo in April 2022, Okuyama immediately went to Nagoya to propose the creation of Hayato’s signature model and his positive intention towards joining as an Ambassador. Hayato recalls this moment with great joy.

<Development of the 1st Prototype>

The first prototype (bimetal), based on Nocturnal, arrived on May 1, 2022. This coincided with the subculture event UNSEEN VILLAGE, co-hosted with KALON DESIGN STUDIO.

Just before his showcase performance, Okuyama handed Hayato the first prototype saying, “Try freestyling with this!” Impressively, Hayato flawlessly executed his performance on stage with this prototype he touched for the first time.

Watching this showcase, Okuyama felt almost certain about Hayato's official inclusion. This showcase by Hayato later became known among peers as the “behind-the-scenes test of mowl”. It was a moment where Hayato's extensive practice paid off.

<Development of the 2nd Prototype>
The first prototype had issues with wobble and durability, with the factory warning of a high likelihood of producing a significant number of B-grade units, indicating production challenges.

Therefore, the bimetal 2nd prototype was created to solve these problems.

"While the performance of the 1st prototype was improved in the 2nd, it still lacked sufficient durability and spin power.

<Development of the Competitive 3rd Prototype and Mono Prototype>

In August 2022, the development team, at an impasse regarding performance improvements, considered changes to the outer rim and midship but couldn't find a solution. Although Okuyama proposed TI/SS, both the design team and Hayato were opposed, leaving the direction unclear.

Finally, a consensus was reached to create a prototype in titanium. This 3rd prototype determined the basic shape of the final Aerodynex Ti product.

With the decision to move forward with titanium, while continuing to develop a high-performance model suitable for Hayato's style, he simultaneously proposed to Okuyama that “a signature model should be a yo-yo used by someone you admire. I want to create an affordable model that can be used by many people.” He consistently advocated for this.

The mowl development team, prioritizing the creation of a “combat-ready” model for the World Yo-Yo Contest, after setting the course with titanium, respected Hayato's wishes. Almost concurrently, they started developing a monometal version of Aerodynex, equipped with minimal competition specs but still enjoyable for casual play.

However, the 3rd prototype for competition, now changed to titanium, arrived with significant wobble issues, indicating a challenging path to commercialization.

On the other hand, the monometal 1st prototype that arrived alongside had flawless performance worthy of a finished product.

A monometal 2nd prototype was also created to improve spin power and durability, making it slightly narrower. However, the actual width of the prototype was narrower than expected, and there was no noticeable improvement in durability or spin power. Therefore, it was decided to adopt the 1st prototype for production.

<Development of the 4th Competitive Prototype>

The 4th prototype (titanium), which incorporated modifications for wobble improvement, arrived but failed to rectify the wobble issue. Furthermore, production problems halted factory operations. With the World Yo-Yo Contest approaching, this cast a shadow over the completion of the signature model.

In the midst of these challenges, realizing that the signature model wouldn't be ready in time for the World Yo-Yo Contest, Okuyama took decisive action. He promptly went to China for a direct meeting with the factory. His efforts successfully resumed factory operations, leading to the production of the 5th prototype.

<Completion of the Final Product Prototype>

In July 2023, three weeks before the World Yo-Yo Contest, the 5th prototype (titanium) arrived from the now-operational factory. This prototype showed improved stability with reduced wobble, resulting in a high-quality yo-yo.  

Finally, with the signature model completed just three weeks before the World Yo-Yo Contest, Hayato Itani said, 'I was moved by how comfortable it was to use, and my success rate in freestyle greatly improved.'

Thus, the final version of the product was completed. To support and boost Hayato's performance in the World Yo-Yo Contest, the team and ambassadors at mowl worked at breakneck speed to prepare for the launch, finalizing everything up until the morning of the finals.

Effectively, until the 2023 JN, and even just three weeks before the main event, Hayato continued to impress us with his highly skilled freestyle, using prototypes that were far from perfect.

Nevertheless, without using the condition of the yo-yo as an excuse, Hayato, now equipped with his completed signature model at the World Yo-Yo Contest, performed on the finals stage with the freedom of a bird freed from its shackles, executing difficult tricks one after another with his signature model.

Hayato Iitani's sincere engagement with competitive yo-yo and the passionate support of the mowl team culminated in the 'mowl fighter' Aerodynex. It was first sold at the WYYC in August 2023, where it sold out, and now it is set for general release on December 2nd (Saturday).

<About the Aerodynex (Mono-Metal) Artwork> Below is a comment from KALON DESIGN STUDIO, who handled the artwork.

'First of all, congratulations to Hayato on the release of your signature model. I am thrilled to think that the work we spent so long creating is finally seeing the light of day.

Aerodynex was a project where the desire to create a good product quickly for Hayato was particularly strong, seeing his dedication to the competition and Mr. Okuyama's efforts for him.

Although it took time, I am very happy that the best work has been completed.

<Background of the Creation>

It was decided relatively early to progress with artwork that inherits from the monometal yo-yo mowl Nocturnal, which Hayato was using.

During our discussions with Hayato to differentiate it from Nocturnal, he mentioned, 'I think Nocturnal means nocturnal... but I'm actually a morning person...' which struck a chord with us. Therefore, we decided to move forward with a sun-centric logo for Aerodynex, depicting Hayato's powerful and aggressive style with a strong expression of the sun.

Aerodynex has a face with an axle protrusion, which greatly affects the artwork and is a so-called 'designer's nightmare' product. We made several fine adjustments this time. The center is aligned with the sun's nose, and the left side forms a small moon shape, to retain a hint of Nocturnal.

The outer perimeter was created to resemble the 'prominences' that occur on the surface of the sun. A powerful work befitting Hayato has been completed.  

<Aerodynex (Mono-Metal) Colors>

Aerodynex -Dark Green

"We have adopted mowl's corporate color, Dark Green, for the first lot of Aerodynex. It's a single color that stands out with a deep green, perfectly complementing the impactful artwork."

Aerodynex -Maroon

The Maroon color, evoking the sun's reddish-black hue and exuding a sense of maturity, results in a fiery and intensely passionate piece just by looking at it. 

Aerodynex -Hayato Fade (Navy / Silver)
Envision a vast universe set against a deep blue cosmic background, interspersed with a faint shimmer of silver stars. This is Hayato Iitani's signature color, capturing the expanse of the cosmos, complementing the sun-themed artwork of the Aerodynex.

Aerodynex - エアロディネックス -
Diameter(直径): 55.9 mm
Width(横幅): 47.2 mm
Weight(重量): 65.7 grams

・Aerodynex Ti


Aerodynex Ti - Raw

We are starting the general sale of Aerodynex Ti, which was initially released as a pre-sale at WYYC2023.

Featuring a unique technique, the Aerodynex Ti is engraved with a two-color laser logo on the inside of the rim, showcasing advanced technology both visually and technically. This results in a visually stunning and technologically advanced Aerodynex Ti.

Designed for the competitive scene, has been used by Hayato Iitani in actual competitions. It is a model characterized by its high maneuverability and stability, making it an ideal choice for competitive use.

Aerodynex Ti
Diameter(直径): 55 mm
Width(横幅): 46 mm
Weight(重量): 65.2 grams

・About Hayato Itani

Hayato Itani - 井谷 颯杜 -

Date of Birth: June 2, 2003 Birthplace: Born in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture; raised in Nagoya Play Style: 1A - Single Hand

2016: Began yo-yoing inspired by Hyper Yo-Yo, and was deeply moved by witnessing live competitive yo-yoing for the first time at NEST, a yo-yo shop in Nagoya that he frequented.

2017: Won the beginner's division at the CJ (Chubu Regional Contest). The unforgettable experience deepened his immersion into the world of competitive yo-yoing.

Winter 2018: Discovered mowl at the mowl Pop Up Store held at NEST. Won a mowl M in a one-minute freestyle contest, and since then started using the mowl M.

2022: Placed third at the SJ (South Regional Contest) and passed the semi-finals of the JN (National Contest) as the top contestant, leading to his official inclusion as a mowl Ambassador in June 2022.

2023: Passed the semi-finals of the JN as the top contestant. At the World Yo-Yo Contest, he placed 12th in the fiercely competitive 1A division. Currently, he is actively preparing for the 2024 World Yo-Yo Contest, organizing practice sessions and events to promote 'cool yo-yoing', and actively blogging.

Twitter : @mowlhayato
Instagram : @hayatoinati


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