mowl Infiltrate Ft. Eric Tran-Ton

"We have released the video for mowl Infiltrate Ft. Eric Tran-Ton on the official mowl YouTube channel.

This video clip, which can be considered the culmination of the Infiltrate production story, has finally been completed as a singular work that incorporates Eric's unique worldview."

 ・From Eric

Five years ago, I made the conscious decision to take a step back from competitive yoyoing. Things got a little too hectic in my life, and yoyoing had to take a back seat. I didn't fall out of love with yoyoing or lose my passion for the hobby; I just felt like it was time for me to move forward and leave this part of me behind. That was until Brandon Vu asked me to work on a project with him. Saying yes to that project led to me traveling all across the US for contests again. That project is what brought us here. In July 2023, I went to the US National Yo-Yo Contest, and something just clicked in my brain. Seeing the competitors walk on and off that big stage made me realize that I missed it. I missed the feeling of anxiety and excitement after stepping onto the stage. I missed hearing the crowds cheer for me, but more importantly, I missed showing my tricks to a ballroom full of people who shared the same passion as me. With all of this in mind, I decided to compete at the World Yo-Yo Contest. By this point, Eiji had already decided that he was going to help me get to worlds, that was yet another motivating factor in my decision to compete. I wanted to give something back to Eiji and mowl for all of the support that they've given me over the last few years. I wanted to go up on stage and show them that their support did not go to waste. It wasn't a lot of time to prepare, but I practiced as hard as I ever had to make sure that I could accomplish this goal. I knew from the very beginning that this would be the song I would choose for my finals routine. It was the song that I used when I first met Eiji 5 years ago, and that was the routine that KALON`s drew inspiration from when we began designing the logo for this yoyo. In the end, I failed to accomplish my goal of performing this freestyle on stage. It stung a little, but I knew that I had a very slim chance of making all the way through to finals. I still wanted to show all of you this routine. It's one that I'm extremely proud of, and I hope that you all enjoy it.

This video is my way of saying thank you to mowl. All of the ambassadors have treated me incredibly well over the years, and I hope that we will all be in the same place again in the very near future. But most importantly, this is a thank-you to Eiji and KALON You two have done so much for me this past year, and this video is the least I could do to show you my gratitude. I'll work harder in 2024 so I can show you guys something even better on stage.


"We will begin the general sale of Infiltrate on November 25th (Sat) .

Infiltrate / DENKEN Blue  

This is Infiltrate's first DENKEN anodized color. It features a luxurious finish with a deep indigo blue, a shade that can only be achieved by DENKEN.

Infiltrate / Acid Wash ( Green , Black )  

The Acid Wash in green and black evokes the deep forests, fitting seamlessly with the natural hues that resonate with the video clip's theme.

Infiltrate / Fade ( Red , Black ) 

A fade color of red and black, reminiscent of the beauty of bright red autumn leaves reflected in the deep twilight of the mountains."



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