About EYYC22【European yoyo Champion ships】

 ・About the contestant 

 mowl Ambassador Fery Prochazka from Czech Republic is scheduled to compete in the 2022 EYYC (European Yo-Yo Championships) from the 4A division finals.

This will be the third defense match for Fery, who is currently a two-time EYYC champion.

 ・About the pre-sale products at the EYYC venue


mowl-Flex 【Blue/ Silver Hub】【Pre-sale】

 The signature model of mowl ambassador Fery Prochazka, two-time consecutive winner of the EYYC 4A division.

The large diameter and wide width reduce player's mistakes to the limit.

The fresh blue body is equipped with a matte-textured silver hub.

The product will be available for pre-sale at the EYYC venue.

The mowl Online Store will start selling from June 2nd around 8pm.

・About EYYC 2022 Sponsorship

We are pleased to be a Gold Sponsor of EYYC22 (European Championships) to be held in Prague, Czech Republic on June 24-25.

In full swing since June 6, 2016. mowl launched in earnest on June 6, 2016. mowl's first product "M" was sold at EYYC2016 held in Prague, Czech Republic in March of the same year, and EYYC is a convention with which mowl is very familiar.

In addition, as I was based in Berlin, Germany, preparing for the launch of mowl, I have many connections in Europe, but due to the coronavirus, I have not been able to visit the area to greet you.

Since this will be my first visit to Europe in several years, I hope to keep the Japanese people informed through SNS so that they can enjoy real-time yo-yo information from Europe.

Let's follow mowl's Twitter account.
mowl Twitter: https://twitter.com/mowl_official


Finally, to all the competitors in the 2022 EYYC, we wish you the best of luck and hope that you will be able to fully demonstrate the results of your daily training.


Competition Summary

EYYC2022 (European Yoyo ChampionShip)
Date: 2022,June24th and 25th
Venue: Divadlo X10 
10, Charvátova 39, Nové Město, 110 00 Praha, Czech Republic

Official Website: https://eyyc22.com/


mowl Pop-Up Store will not be at 2022 EYYC, but mowl products will be sold at Slusny booth.
mowl Online Store is scheduled to start selling them
 from X month X day.