【New Model】The X Release Announcement

"Codename is X"

Diameter: 57mm
Width: 43.7mm
Weight: 65.2 Grams

In early July of last year,
After completing a major release for the 5th anniversary of mowl's establishment
As one of the planning steps of our vision for the future, we have started the 
development of "Codename X" began.
The mission at that time was
mowl producer Eiji Okuyama's "yo-yo that he wants right now.
This was actually a vague project at first.
June 6, 2022, with a deadline for launch on the 6th anniversary of mowl's establishment.
We have proceeded with the development of the new product.
  About the "X"


When I relax and play with yo-yo, I love to use Q.

It would be interesting to see a product like a derivative of the Q.



This is how mowl products are always developed

mowl producer Eiji Okuyama's playful spirit is loaded with

Eiji Okuyama, the producer of mowl, has a playful mind.



His ideas are then handed off to designers and designers who give shape to his fantasies. designers, and other creators.

Let's make a yo-yo with a round shape that further enhances the "pleasant to use" feel of the Q. 

The material chosen is the same as used in Surveil and High Wall (new model),Hybrid .Polycarbonate material (PC material)

 While maintaining the "light and comfortable feeling" characteristic of PC material

and to maintain the "light and comfortable feeling" characteristic of PC material, we started development with the designers of the stemless rim.

The Q has a comfortable feeling. 

Smooth and comfortable until the moment it settles in your hand with the final catch.
We wanted to create a model that would accentuate the quality of the PC material We proceeded with the discussion, hoping to create a model that would highlight the quality of the PC materials.
However, round shape modeling using only PC material
the weight would be too light and lack stability.
and lacks stability.

Therefore, we have developed a new type of yo-yo that has relatively less "pulling sensation" that is peculiar to bimetal and multi-material yo-yos.
The stainless steel inner rim has less of the "pulling sensation" , and is designed to add stability while maintaining the unique feel of a round shape.
We were able to add stability while maintaining the unique feel of a round shape.
・The X's feeling and operability


The round shape sculpted with PC material


The Inner stainless steel rims joined to fit the shape

The presence of the stainless steel rim lurks behind the soft feel.

 The "hand reaches out naturally" inherited from the Q

Comfortable feeling due to the round shape

Unique sense of stability due to the inner rim that is joined along the shape

These two elements coexist and the inner rim provides a powerful spin with less habitual.

While retaining a nostalgic feeling

While retaining a nostalgic feeling, mowl "X" offers the latest in modern technology.

Please enjoy the feeling that you have never experienced before.

※The 1st lot of mowl X will be limited to 66 worldwide!

 ・Sales information


1: mowl Online Store 




mowl Online Store & Partner Store: Scheduled to go on sale on June 6 (Mon.)
The first lot of X will be available only at mowl Online Store.

We have enough stock, but due to the recent yo-yo boom, we may run out of stock, so we will set a quantity limit at the time of release.