Announcement of Updating Heterogeneity's Artwork

・Announcement of Updating Heterogeneity's Artwork

 We are pleased to announce that we have updated the artwork of mowl Ambassador Kenta Kushiro's signature model "Heterogeneity", which specializes in stress-free sliding on string and strong spinning, with the increased production of the second lot.


Diameter: 56 mm 
Width: 42.9 mm 
Weight: 66.1 grams 

About the changes

The artwork for the first lot was sculpted using a large area of the face surface to create the impression of an "angel," which is the motif of Heterogeneity.

The 2nd lot has been updated in line with the theme of "Heterogeneity" to further feature the individuality of the brand.


The first lot of the Heterogeneity logo had an owl's feather that a familiar with mowl logo, it's expressing the "intermixing" of the goddess Athena and the sacred owl.

With the update, the angel's wings were changed to clouds in keeping with the "clouds and angels" theme. The circle logo was added to make the most of the shape and to refine the balance of the work.

In addition to the hidden word "Heterogeneity" in the circle logo, angels and demons are drawn in the clouds to create a playful work of art.

There is a theory that clouds in the shape of wings suggest [that angels are close by] and want to convey some important message right to you.

Is it an angel or a fallen angel (devil) whispering in your ear?

We hope it will become one of the mowl products that accompany your lifestyle as an objective indicator of yourself.


・About New Colors


Pink Fade

Purple Fade 

Acid Wash(Green / Yellow)


『As per the concept of the artwork update, we were conscious of creating a strong sense of unity.

While retaining the meaning of the name Heterogeneity, which is directly translated as mixing 

We have made updates and feel that the point where angels and demons, who normally do not intersect, are hidden in one cloud is a good representation of the meaning of the heterogeneity.』

-Kenta Kushiro


【Heterogeneity Promotion Video】


  ・Sales Information


1: mowl Online Store 

 mowl Online Store & Partner Store: Scheduled to go on sale on June 6 (Mon.)

Some items will be available only at mowl Online Store.

The release date for partner stores outside Japan may be delayed.
Please contact each partner store for more details about the release date.

We have enough stock, but due to the recent yo-yo boom, we may run out of stock, so we will set a quantity limit at the time of release.