6th anniversary greetings and products to be released on June 6.

 ・Greetings from mowl’s representative 


Thanks to the guidance and support of our loyal customers and everyone involved, mowl is celebrating its 6th anniversary.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to all of you for your continued support.

We started preparing for the launch of mowl 6 years ago when I was living in Berlin, and after a pre-opening at the EYYC (European Yo-Yo Championships) held in the Czech Republic in March 2016, mowl was fully launched on "Yo-Yo Day" on June 6 of the same year.

We moved our base to Osaka about 3 years ago, and have consistently put all of our effort into "genuine manufacturing that only we can do"since the start-up, under the motto of "making products that make you feel excited the moment you hold them in your hands", 

At the end of last year, in order to further expand operations ,
We have positioned the 6th anniversary of mowl Inc. as a starting point for strong development toward the WYYC to be held in Japan in 2023 and the 10th anniversary of mowl Inc.
From this year onward, we will strive to enhance mowl's sense of unity and to earn the trust of our customers and local communities around the world in order to make mowl even more indispensable

Thank you for your continued support.

mowl inc.
The CEO of mowl. Eiji Okuyama.

  About the products we handle

 This blog post will be updated whenever there are additions to the items for sale.
Last update: Saturday, June 3rd, 2AM

Four new Fade colors are now available for mowl's entry-level "M" model, which has been loved since its inception.

Minor updates have been made to this lot. For details of the minor update, please click here.

"M" 6th Anniversary Edition


This is the M mowl 6th anniversary limited edition. The limited edition artwork is eye-catching and special, and is a new addition to the M lineup in celebration of its 6th anniversary.

mowl 6th Anniversary Tee

"M" 6th Anniversary Edition artwork back-printed mowl 6th Anniversary limited edition t-shirt.

The basic logo "mowl" is printed on the front using the official mowl font.

Obsession+ "Zipang" & "Gold / Polished Gold Rim"

Blue Fade / Polished Silver Rim
Orange Fade / Polished Silver Rim

more info: 

Vigilancia "Gold Fade"

mowl ambassador Daiki Tanaka #mowls series entry model "Vigilancia"

The new color is reminiscent of the Surveillance Gold Fade released last spring.


Flex "Black / Green Hub"

mowl ambassador Fery Prochazka 【Czech Republic】, 2-time consecutive winner of the 4A division of the European Yo-Yo Championships【EYYC】, with his signature model "Flex".

Deep blue color with matt silver hub.

The large diameter and wide width minimize player error.

mowl Response Pads

mowl Response Pads, which used to be available in sets of 10, are now available in sets of 2.

And now, size D is available for mowl Response Pads.
※Available only for yo-yos that are compatible with D size pads.


・Sales Information 


1.mowl Online Store



mowl Online Store & mowl Partner Store
Scheduled to go on sale around 8:00 p.m. on June 6 (Monday)

Note: International launches will be delayed by 2 hours.


The release date of mowl partner stores outside Japan may be delayed.
Please contact each partner store for more details about the release date.

Please note that it may take longer than usual to process your order.

Orders for the purpose of resale or re-sale are strictly prohibited.
Orders that are suspected of being for resale or re-sale are subject to cancellation.