mowl Infiltrate


 Breaking the Mold.
Combining artistic and individual style
based in Chicago, U.S.A.
mowl ambassador Eric Tran-Ton's signature model, 
The Infiltrate is the newest addition to the mowl lineup.



   Rounded shape designed with comfort in mind.

Instead of featuring sharp edges like many modern yo-yos, we designed
this yo-yo with Eric’s preference in mind. The rounded edges allows the player to maneuver the yo-yo through intricate string formations with ease, and minimizes the risk of the edges catching the string during long combos.  The rounded edges also ensure that each catch feels soft in the hand.


Operability and stability due to weight balance.

Coming in at 67 grams, the weight may seem quite heavy by modern standards, however the way that the weight has been distributed allows for this yoyo to glide easily across the string. We wanted the yoyo to be able to float through long combos with ease, without sacrificing the spin time and stability of yo-yos that Eric likes.  


About development of the Infiltrate

After listening to the requests of our ambassador Eric
We created the base shape around the summer of last year.
The first prototype of the Infiltrate was completed under the following conditions

・Heavy Weight
・Round shape and comfortable feeling.
・Suitable for side-throw combos, which is Eric's specialty.


Based on these conditions, we produced the 1st prototype with 6061 material.


This is where the Infiltrate's main feature, the soft feel that wraps around the entire yoyo, comes into play. 

After the first prototype was created, Eric and I had a discussion to clarify areas for improvement and changes. There was no problem in terms of feeling, but as an improvement, he suggested a little more spin to increase stability during long combos, which he specializes in.




We then asked if we could compensate for the spin by changing
the material from 6061 to 7075.
The second prototype was produced


*Fine-tuned from the 1st prototype due to material changes.
By changing the material to 7075, a greater sense of stability appears.
 We succeeded in adding a core stability while retaining a soft and comfortable feeling, and decided to sell the second prototype as a commercial version. 
The result is a mono-metal yo-yo that combines powerful spin with a soft feel.

mowl Infiltrate 


About an Artwork

The artwork reflects Eric's request: "I want the artwork to

reflect the image of infiltrating by breaking locks.” 

A cross between a broken key and a spy (infiltrator) with a front and back face.

The main logo was inspired

by the jazz music Eric uses on stage,

 as well as the masks of Thalia and Melpomene.



Eric Tran-Ton commented on Infiltrate.


About Eric-Tran Ton

Born on December 25, 1993

Started yo-yoing in 2005.

Has made it to the finals of both the 1A and 3A World Championships.

Lives in Chicago, USA


A player with an artistic flow who can perform both 1A and 3A.

His main style of 1A is characterized by long, intricate combos that seamlessly flows from one element to the next.

Eric's style is based around the idea of efficiency. He believes that every movement inside of a trick should have a purpose. 



You can read our blog about Eric here, and we invite you to read it here as well.