mowl ambassador Eric Tran-Ton

 mowl ambassador Eric Tran-Ton

  In celebration of the launch of mowl ambassador, Eric Tran-Ton's signature model, the Infiltrate, we would like to introduce Eric Tran-Ton in this blog.

Eric-Tran-Ton became a mowl ambassador in September 2020.

A mowl ambassador based in the U.S., he posts elaborated Tech Tricks on SNS, produces his own promotional videos, and is versatile enough to play 3A in addition to his main style of 1A.

Eric Tran-Ton

Born on December 25, 1993.

Started yo-yoing in 2005.

Lives in Chicago, U.S.A.

Play style is 1A and 3A



2013 World Yoyo Contest 1A Devision 4th
2013 World Yoyo Contest 3A Division 6th
2013 BAC 3A Devision 1st 
2016MWR 1A Devision 1st 
Signature Model:Infiltrate





Activities with mowl.


2020 September

At the same time of joining as an ambassador, Eric released a promotional video using the M+.

The video is a showcase of everything that we love about Eric’s yoyoing. Every element effortlessly transitions into the next one, mesmerizing the viewer.


2021 April 

Eric produced a promotional video for the "High Wall" (old ver), a new model that reaffirms the original fun of yo-yos. This video was self-produced by Eric, and proves the high performance of the "High Wall".


The video features many of the intricate combos that Eric is known for, and is well worth watching.

2021 July

mowl releases a limited edition, M Eric Edition, of its flagship entry-level model, M.

M Eric Edition


Unlike the M artwork on the standard version, the Eric Edition is a limited edition.


The colors are a cross between T Green and Purple, and the result is a fresh and flamboyant color.


Please take a look at the short movie of the M Eric Edition here. Edited and filmed by Eric himself.


2022 September

A project that has been in the works with Eric for over a year, has finally come to fruition.

Eric Tran-Ton's signature model Infiltrate is the newest model in the mowl lineup.

 The artwork expresses the style and atmosphere of Eric's playstyle, which is characterized by jazz and classical music.

With the artwork representing two of the most influential aspects of his life, and the yo-yo itself designed with all of his preferences in mind, Eric's ideal model has finally been completed.


Breaking the Mold.


We asked mowl Ambassador Eric Tran-Ton a few questions.


Q.What does mowl mean to you? 

A.mowl means a lot to me. mowl has renewed my love for yoyoing, which is something that I lost sight of for years. Being a part of this company has reminded me why I was obsessed with this hobby in the beginning. mowl has given me the opportunity to work with amazing artists and yoyoers to make my visions come to life, and for that, I will always be grateful to them.


Q.What was the most important aspect of the design of Infiltrate?

A.The most important thing to me is the weight of the yoyo. I have always liked heavier yoyos, but a lot of the times when yoyo companies make a heavy yoyo it feels too slow on the string. So during the design of this yoyo I wanted to make sure that the yoyo was easy to move around during rail combos, while still retaining that feeling of power upon catching it. In other words, I wanted the yoyo to feel like it could put a hole in a wall, while still being really fast. 


Q.What kind of of activities do you want to do in the future.

I want to travel again soon. It’s been really difficult for us to do that the past few years, and I really miss being able to explore a new city or country. Hopefully with everything becoming a little bit safer now, we can meet up in Japan in 2023!