About new mowl ambassador Hayato Itani

・About new mowl Ambassador 

We are pleased to introduce you to our newest 1A player, Hayato Itani, who joined mowl Ambassador in June 2022!

Hayato Itani  

Born on June 2, 2003
Started playing hyper yo-yo in 2015, learned about competitive yo-yoing at WYYC in 2015, and
He participated in his first official competition in 2017.
At this year's national competition JN 2022, he entered the semi-finals and placed first to advance to the finals.
Despite his limited experience in competitions, he continues to grow and is a fast-rising young player who is currently the center of attention.
He is a young and fast-growing player who is now attracting a great deal of attention.

Comment: "Hello everyone, I am mowl ambassador Hayato Itani.
My style of play is 1A, and I mainly like to think of dynamic tricks.
I will do my best to spread the fun and coolness of yo-yos.

↓Hayato's performance in this year's national JN202 finals can be viewed on Youtube!



We asked Hayato for a interview!

-How do you feel now that you have joined mowl, and how do you feel about it frankly?


Hayato: "mowl is a brand that I have been using for the past five years, so I am very happy to be a member of the team.

It is thanks to my friends and family who have supported me all these years that I have made it this far, so I will be even more determined to return the favor.

-We are also very happy to have Hayato at mowl!

Is there anything new you would like to try as a mowl ambassador?

Hayato: "mowl's yo-yos and promotion videos are cool no matter who sees them, so I hope to spread the coolness of yo-yos outside of competitions.

-Certainly, I look forward to seeing Hayato's identity expressed in other aspects of his work outside of competitions!

In that sense, I would like to hear about Hayato's roots, or rather, the players who have influenced/admired him.

Hayato "There are too many to choose from (laughs). I have met many people and have been influenced by many things, and I respect them all!

-I see! Lastly, what does "mowl" mean to Hayato?


Hayato:For me, mowl is indispensable.

I fell in love with mowl yo-yos the first time I saw them at the Nest pop-up in my first year of competing.

Since then, I have always used mowl yo-yos, even when I won the second place at JJ for the first time, and when I made it to the finals at OYYC for the first time.

Even after the pop-up, I have been friends with Eiji, the representative of mowl, and every time I talk to him, I am shocked by his passion for making yo-yos, and I have worked so hard to get to this point.

I have been able to work so hard because of mowl, and mowl is an indispensable part of my life.

-Hayato's love of mowl is showing! Thanks for the nice comment!
Hayato is sure to be a promising rookie as a new member of mowl, so please give him your warm support!