【New Color】mowl Q

We would like to inform you about the new colors of the Q, which will be available from around 8PM on May 5th.

・Acid Wash color expressing the micro world

The mowl monometal yo-yo "Q," which has a good throw and a liberating feeling, is now available in a new acid-washed color.

【Two color ways, as if you were looking into the universe through a telescope.】

Cosmic Inflation (Acid Wash) Black / Yellow / Silver 

The universe is said to have undergone inflation (rapid expansion) soon after its birth, and the expansion is said to have occurred in a fraction of a second 

If we were to say that a grain of sand expanded to the size of a galaxy in an instant.Can you imagine it?

The microscopic world of the origin of outer space is reproduced with the colors of the inflation.

milky way (Acid wash) Purple / Green / Silver 

In 1610, Galileo Galilei pointed his homemade telescope at the Milky Way and discovered that it was a collection of countless stars.

It was the British astronomer William Herschel who realized that this Milky Way is the way we see it from within our galaxy, including the solar system in which we live.

The colors of the Milky Way Galaxy are revealed through the telescope are used in the yo-yo with the Acid Wash process.

Ambassador's Recommendation


"The Q has been my favorite yo-yo ever since I received the prototype. I think it's a yoyo that has both the best of the old school and the best of the new school. It's still one of those yo-yos I keep on my desk and throw a lot."

CHIP -mowl Ambassador (Barcelona/Spain)

 "We shot the Q promotional video a week before the corona outbreak began. I remember well that our cameraman, Masa, miraculously managed to get a plane ticket before all of Europe was closed off and we were able to finish the shoot without incident." 

CHIP: Instagram

・Release information
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mowl Online Store & mowl Partner Store
May 5 (Thu.), 20:00


The release date of mowl partner stores outside Japan may be delayed.
Please contact each partner store for the detailed release date.

Orders for the purpose of resale or re-sale are strictly prohibited.
Orders that are suspected of being for resale or re-sale are subject to cancellation.