【New Release】MRL-04 & MRL-05

・MRL-04 & MRL-05 Release Info

Consisted of hub and shell, customizable collaboration yoyo of REWIND Shibuya's manager Terry.

Domestic brand "Mowl", "Yo-Yo Studio Lima" from Aomori, and 2001 world yoyo champion / rewind Shibuya store manager, Shingo Terada's triple collaboration model "MRL". New collaboration model with North America's brands MRL-04 & MRL- 05 will be released on December 23rd.

By exchanging the shell, it can be changed various feeling, and because it is a concept model that supports various play styles, the hub (metal parts in the center) is intentionally given weight.

As a result, MRL had many restrictions at the time of design, but by designing and testing many shells (body shape and weight) including unreleased prototypes, and deriving the appropriate weight for MRL, further " It has evolved into a "playable customized yo-yo".

This is MRL's first attempt, a collaboration model with overseas brands and players.
You will be able to experience a slightly different and evolved MRL.

MRL-04 for Petr Kavka
Diameter: 58.5 mm
Width: 41.6 mm
Weight: 67.8 grams

Price: 99.99 USD

A collaboration model with Petr Kavka, a former member of CLYW.
Made it based on Petr's own signature model, Cliff.

MRL-05 for Tony Sec
Diameter: 58.8 mm
Width: 46.8 mm
Weight: 65.9 grams

Price: 129.99 USD

Collaboration model with Tony sec from SF yoyos.
Made it based on Tony's own signature model, Statement.

・MRL-04 for Petr Kavka


It's Petr Kavka's signature model, a favorite of Chief, Sasquatch and Avalanche in the past
The Cliff is designed for a yo-yo close to 60mm, which is larger than the three models.
CLYW's yo-yo-specific double rim is used.

The deep carving inside enhances both strong spin and controllability,
A yo-yo with a large movement and a smooth feel.

The MRL-04 comes with a limited glow (phosphorescent) color from Petr's signature model, Candy Dice Pro PK.

5A charismatic player from the Czech Republic born October 27, 1991.
Formerly a member of CLYW and a member of the Czech yo-yo shop SLUSNY.

European Champion in 5A category in 2010
He has won the national championship in the 5A and 1A categories many times.

A player with beautiful slack in a comfortable tempo flow.
・MRL-05 for Tony Sec

This is a collaboration model with SF yoyos and Tony Sec, and was created based on Tony's own signature model, Statement.
Thanks to the wide shape inherited from Statement, the performance of the 005 shell is demonstrated even for dynamic influence tricks using shoulders that Tony is good at.
Stable spin is realized by installing the metal rim for the first time in the MRL series, and titifreak is also in charge of the artwork of the metal rim part.

SF yoyos
An emerging American brand born in 2017.
Someone has an unknown SF owner and is wrapped in a mysterious veil, and many young Japanese players are enrolled, mainly in the United States.
A manufacturer that produces simple and trendy yo-yos.

1A player from SF yo-yo from Czech Republic.
He is a world-famous player with a smooth flow and a wide variety of variations.
Sfyoyos' Statement is Tony's signature model.
・Release Date

 1: mowl Online Store



mowl Online Store
Scheduled to be released around 20:00 (JST) on December 23rd




4: YoYoExpert

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