mowl MRL Ft. Czech All Stars

mowl MRL Ft. Czech All Stars promotion video has been released on YouTube.

The players to be featured this time are Tony Sec from Czech Republic who collaborated with SF YOYO in MRL 05, Petr Kavka who collabolated with CLYW in MRL 04 and is a former member of CLYW, and Fery Procházka who is a mowl ambassador.

The video was shot in Prague, Czech Republic, which is also the home town of the three people, and the video shows the goodness of the three people are at the forefront of the Czech yo-yo scene.

This time as well, the editing and shooting was done by Masaya Kato, who is based in Berlin, the capital of Germany, and is active in Europe.

Please take a look at the finished video, which is very impressive.

All yo-yos used in the video are MRL.