(New color ) Release info Obsession +

・ Obsession + Release Info


Obsession was released for the first time at 44clash held in November 2018, and after increasing production twice, the obsession was updated to bimetal. 

A bimetal yo-yo that combines the strong operability peculiar to the middle size with the comfortable feeling that is characteristic of the obsession. A stainless steel rim is mounted on the body of A7075. The stainless steel rim creates a strong rotation, and the brilliance of the Polished rim dramatically enhances the yo-yo's presence during throwing, making the yo-yo satisfying not only in terms of performance but also in terms of visuals.

As the name of Obsession suggests, we have received a lot of feedback that once you throw it, you will be addicted to it, and you can enjoy a different  addiction with Obsession +.

mowl Obsession +
Diameter: 54mm
Width: 42.35mm
Weight: 64 grams

 * Please note that small scratches on the rim will be considered as product specifications, as small scratches on the rim will be created during the manufacturing process of the stainless steel rim.

・About new color of Obsession +

This time, we will release a new color of Obsession + equipped with Polished Black Rim that shines black in a color based on Dark green which is also the corporate color of mowl.

The coloring is reminiscent of deep forest, and the coloring is different from the bright coloring of the previous lot.


・ Artwork of Obsession +


We have also updated the artwork for the obsession with hand and brain motifs.

Like Obsession, the hidden characters of "Obsession +" are added to the brain , and the brain is updated by hand.

It is designed so that two S's fit into the protrusions on the face, and when  actually put it on a yo-yo, the two "S" in the middle appear to stand out.

In addition, the word SS is often used in the yo-yo industry as a word for stainless steel, and this time it has changed with bimetal version of Obsession. 

・ In developing Obsession +


Obsession, which is very popular in monometal, is "What happens if we make it bimetal while keeping the prototype of Obsession?" The question and the fact that there are few middle-sized bimetal yo-yos on the market and we can make some good yo-yos with bimetal was the key to the development of Obsession +.

Keeping the comfortable feeling of Obsession and increasing the stability were the challenges in creating Obsession +.

By adjusting small part and the slip on the prototype, we were able to finish it with the ideal sense of stability and feeling.・ Obsession + handling mat

・ Obsession + handling information 


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mowl Online Store: Scheduled to be released on December 12th

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