Notice of new product "Hybrid"

mowl new model "Hybrid"

Hybrid is bi-plastic yo-yo with a POM rim mounted on a carved out polycarbonate body

※We use image of prototype to help you understand the structure of Hybrid


By adopting a polycarbonate body in the center, you can experience the exquisite sliding of strings. The outer rim is made of POM material, so you can experience the comfortable feeling of POM outer ring when you throw the hybrid.

Diameter: 57.1 mm
Width: 50.1 mm
Weight: 62.7 grams
Retail Price: 79.99 USD

・About development secret story of Hybrid


With the 5th anniversary of the launch of mowl on June 6th and aiming for the 10th anniversary, we had a long-term discussion with mowl ambassadors in Japan to create a yo-yo with a completely new structure.

With the number of events and competition have been decreasing due to COVID-19, We have the idea of creating a fresh yo-yo with the concept of comfortable feeling that makes you want to use it not only for practicing to improve your skills but also for a long time. The development started in agreement.

There is an industry concept that it is difficult to make a yo-yo with a completely new structure, and while talking with a yo-yo designer about a combination that has never existed in the past, one of the ideas came out was to adopt a PC for the outer rim and a POM material for the outer rim.

We thought about weight distribution in detail and adopted a comfortable round shape shape among some ideas that came out and proceeded with development and completed it.

We have succeeded in giving a comfort to the feeling that makes you want to throw it again after catching,

 ・Release Date

mowl Online Store


mowl Online Store & mowl Partner Store : December 12th