【New Color】Obsession Release Information

・(New Color) Obsession Release Information 

 A bright new color Purple Fade will appear in the monometal model Obsession, which represents the mowl middle size.

  mowl Obsession 

Diamater: 54.5 mm 
Width: 42 mm 
Weight: 65.7 gram

Obsession's 1st lot was launched in 2018 in a solid color of Dark Green and Purple, and various colors have been released since then.

The Purple Fade released this time adopts similar fade color to the Green Fade released in June 2021.

・About the Obsession.


Obsession is a monometal yo-yo that features the strong operability peculiar to the middle size and the step round shape that is easy to fit in the hand, which has been sold several times in the past.

As the name Obsession suggests, we have received feedback that we are addicted to it.

The Obsession + yo-yo that was sold last year is a bimetal yo-yo from Obsession, which is also very popular, just like Obsession.


・About New Color

 The Purple Fade adopted this time is a color that follows the 1st lot of Obsession +, and it is finished in a cohesive and vivid fade color.

Purple Fade 



Obsession +'s Purple Fade is also inspired by Obsession's 1st lot solid color purple, both of which are related colors. 


・Ambassador's recommendation

 This time, we asked mowl ambassador CHIP, who lives in Barcelona, Spain, about Obsession, which he also uses in his promotional video.


                              Name: CHIP

                              Birth date: 1989/1/12

                              Birth Place: Barcelona, Spain

            Playstyle: 1A


Q.What is like the Obsession?

CHIP. "When I first saw the Obsession, I thought it was a yo-yo that was closer to Oldschool type yoyo, but I was surprised that it had a power that I couldn't imagine from its small appearance, and the size was perfect for my Hoodie Trick and I really like it. 


※ What is the hoodie trick?

It is a trick style devised by mowl ambassador CHIP, which refers to tricks that develop using hoodie pockets. Please check CHIP's Instagram for details of Hoodie tricks.


Q.Do you have a memories of the Obsession?

CHIP. "When I came to Japan in 2018, I remember the time when I shot the 1st lot Obsession in Yaizu, Shizuoka on the first day. It was very exciting experience and fun."


Q.What is the concept of the video of the 

CHIP. I was influenced by some music videos and rotoscope edit that my friend made when i was thinking of the concept of the video ,and it became the atmosphere of the current video."



・Handling Information


1: mowl Online Store


mowl Online Store: XXX  Scheduled to be released


Please contact each partner store for the release date of each partner store.

We have enough stock, but we may run out of stock due to the recent yo-yo boom, so we will set a limit on the number at the time of release.