(New model) Surveillance HPF additional information

Surveillance HPF additional information

 mowl Ambassador Daiki Tanaka Model "H profile with iconic eyes and dial".

A new companion joins the #mowls series.

Surveillance HPF
Diameter: 55.9 mm
Width: 42.8 mm
Weight: 64.8 grams
Retail Price: 200 USD

We have two types of products, Left Eye (Regular Logo) and Both Eye Set (including Left eye and Right eye).

The Surveillance HPF is based on Hank's signature Oscillator, released in 2018 by Hank's co-owner yo-yo brand 44RPM.

Compared to the Oscillator, the biggest change is the change from the inner rim to the outer rim.


This change made a big difference in the feeling and further expanded the choice of models used by the player.


Also, by changing from the inner rim to the outer rim, the Surveillance HPF is completed as a model that you can enjoy a sharper and sharper feeling than the Oscillator. In particular, the feeling when throwing out is greatly different, and the Surveillance HPF is finished in a feeling that feels more bimetal-like power than the Oscillator, which feels softness close to mono metal.

Furthermore, the Surveillance HPF is designed to be slightly lighter than the Oscillator, and one of the major features is its speedy operability compared to the Oscillator.

It is a model completed as a special model that we would like you to pick up the further evolved Surveillance HPF and compare it with the regular version of Surveillance.

mowl Ambassador Daiki Tanaka commented on HPF

The HPF has a strong presence when shaking. It easily responds to long combos and intense turning backs such as flying away from your hand. It is a high-spec performance not only for 3A but also for 1A and 5A yo-yos.

・Surveillance Release info

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