(New Model)Surveillance HPF release infomation

・Release information Surveillance HPF 

 mowl Ambassador Daiki Tanaka Model "H profile with iconic eyes and dial" A new comrade the #mowls series.

Surveillance HPF
Diameter: 55.9 mm
Width: 42.8 mm
Weight: 64.8 grams
Retail Price: 200 usd

The Surveillance derivative model HPF of the Hank Freeman, who has been interacting with mowl producer Eiji Okuyama for 20 years and won the world championship three times as an absolute world champion, has appeared.

For this design, Mr. hibari, who was in charge of the artwork of the first surveillance and M, updated the dial that is reminiscent of the first Surveillance and gentle eyes.

Royal Blue / Polished Silver Rim 

Varsity Red / Polished Silver Rim 

Dark Green / Matt Black Rim 
* Scheduled to be released from Early March.

・About development secret story of Surveillance HPF 

In March 2021, Hank stayed in Osaka until December of the same year when he was stuck in Osaka, where he was staying at that time, due to the influence of the coronavirus, and this project was launched during that time.

Hank is also the co-owner of the 44RPM yo-yo brand, and in 2018, 44RPM released Hank's signature model, the Oscillator.

It's been more than two years since the Oscillator was released, so I talked directly to Hank about making a new signature model.

Based on the Oscillator, we changed from the inner rim to the outer rim without modifying the yo-yo outline, promised to perfect artwork and feeling, and expressed our desire for a chance to create a work. After that, Hank kindly agreed and this project started.

Surveillance HPF, an acronym for Hank's real name "Hank P Freeman", has joined the mowl ambassador Daiki Tanaka model #mowls series.

・Handling information

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